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Below are comments and testimonials from past clients of Perfect Smile Spa who decided they would like to recommend us, and tell about their experiences.

Dear Jas and all at Perfect Smile Spa

When I contacted you regarding my teeth I was very nervous and cautious because several years ago I had a bad experience with another dentist and then did not attend any dentists since then. I decided to call Perfect Smile Spa and discussed my concerns with Kathy and made an appointment. I attended the appointment and Kathy treated me with respect and gave me a lot of advice, caring and re-assurance on what was going to happen because of my nervous condition.

Personally, I had some concerns for the last couple of years about the condition of my teeth, the colour and bad breath and being ashamed of my teeth when meeting people. When i met Jas he re-assured me that he would not hurt me and that i was in full control while the work was being done. Although still nervous I allowed him to make a plan of action to resolve my problems with my teeth. Jas discussed the plan with me and I decided that to have a nice set of teeth and to give me my confidence back meeting people would be worth every penny.

X-ray’s and pictures was taken and impressions made of my teeth and a date arranged for 9 extractions which were completed by Jas which did not hurt me and boosted my confidence with Jas to continue his work. A temporary set of dentures was made and a home teeth whiting process was introduced for the remainder of my teeth to brighten them up to the colour ready for my perminant set of dentures. I also attended to see the Hygienist on two occasions who reassured me and made me feel comfortable while performing her treatment to my gums and teeth.

Several trips later I now have my new set of dentures and they fit really well and my confidence in myself meeting people and talking to them has been boosted tremendously.

I can only praise the professionalism, caring and comfort they all gave me when attending Perfect Smile Spa for my treatment and the way they looked after me with their total support and re-assurance.

I would recommend anyone to go and see them as i would be confident they would receive the same re-assurance and caring they have given me. I would like to thank Jas, Kathy, Nikki and all the staff at Perfect Spa for not only giving me a perfect set of teeth but for giving me my confidence back in meeting people and not being ashamed to smile.

Brian Darkins Five Star

Dear Jas

Never in my wildest Dreams did I envisage writing a thank you letter to a dental Surgeon, but of course you are no ordinary dental surgeon! You are a genius.

When I first came to you in desperation with an abscess and had to literally be dragged up the stairs by my husband (even though I was in agony) and having three totally painless extractions, I could never have imagined that I really would end up with 'THE PERFECT SMILE'.

From that very first visit the sincerity, patience and friendliness of your wonderful team made the whole experience (dare I say?) a pleasure. Jyoti, Kathy, Suzanne and Nikki I now look upon you as my friends as I will never forget your kindness, you are all amazing people.

You listened to my fears (and there were many) and worked around them and for that I will be eternally grateful as without you I would never have had the courage to have continued with the treatment.

I want to thank you so very much for giving me the confidence to smile without being embarrassed to show my teeth. I am now constantly smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I was worried that when my treatment had come to an end I wouldn't see you again as we had all become such good friends but thank goodness for the beauty spa! Which means that I can still come up and see you all on a regular basis. After all now that I have such beautiful teeth I now need to keep everything else up to scratch.

My sincere thanks to you Jas and of course your wonderful team.

Sheila Jones Five Star

To whom it may concern.

I have been a patient of Dr Jas Sagoo for over six years, I have always found him to be very professional and he has always made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

I have had a number of different treatments, including cosmetic dentistry and dermal fillers treatments. Each treatment has been pain free and he makes visiting the dentist a pleasure.

Estelle Lovell Five Star

Dear Jas,

This is just a note to say a big thank you to yourself, Joti, Kathy, Nic, Suzanne and all the team at prefect smile spa for the wonderful treatment you all gave me during my ‘treatment’ and for giving me a Perfect smile.

The treatment was a long process over 7months but from day one when Nic assured me over the phone and encouraged me to come and discuss my concerns and what treatment was needed, yourself and Kathy put my mind at rest completely with regard to what was involved and I would be amazed with the results, I felt at case and relaxes and knew I had made the right choice.

Every time I visited for an appointment I was greeted warmly by everyone, offered a drink and chatted to which calmed any nerves I had.

In the treatment chair, Jas you always made me feel relaxes and whatever I was having done, extractions, injections or drilling, I suffered minimal pain as you are so skilled and professional. Suzanne always calmed me in the chair by chatting away and taking my mind off things.

Jas you have a great team, Thank you all so so much for giving me back the confidence to smile with my perfect teeth.

Mr Neil Parker Five Star

Dear Jas and Staff

I just wanted to say a big thank you for my Perfect Smile and for the wonderful treatment I received while attending your dental practice.

I used to be really embarrassed about my smile and would cover my mouth with my hand, my new smile has made a really big difference to me and I now smile with confidence.

You and your staff are wonderful, friendly, warm and caring and I couldn’t believe that dentistry could be pain free but it is! I used to be nervous going to the dentist but you have changed that, I actually quite enjoy it now.

See you all at my next appointment.

Sarah Wallis Five Star

Dear Jas, Suzanne, Kathy and the whole team at the Perfect Smile Spa.

I’m sorry this letter is overdue but I wanted to write to you and thank you for your wonderful treatment and my now perfect looking teeth.

I’m one of many that are petrified of the dentist so it took me at least 6 months to pluck up the courage to come for a consultation. My old dentist told me my teeth were beyond repair which is not want you want to hear when your 28 years old. So this was a big step for me.

I can only say I’m so glad I made that first step as the treatment I received was first class. From the initial consultation where everybody was extremely friendly and a cost and action plan was put together for me that was easily explained, especially the part when I was told it was going to be pain free. Believe me it really was pain free.

Every appointment with you guys was never a chore and I actually enjoyed every visit, never have I said that about a dentist before. I would 100% recommend your services to anyone who will listen as not only have you restored my broken and quite frankly horrific teeth but you have also restored my confidence, especially at a time when self esteem was already pretty low.

After 4 Veneer’s and some teeth whitening my teeth looked like they have always belonged to me and so natural too. When I tell people what work I had done they actually don’t believe me, that’s how good they look.

So thank you all again for my new smile, my new found confidence and making me feel pretty again.

Your wonderful support and the treatment I received was fantastic.

Hope to see you all again soon.

Lucy Powell Five Star

To everyone at Perfect Smile Spa (special mention to Suzanne, Kathy & Jas)

I have been attending the Perfect Smile for a couple of years now, initially to have dentistry (which I am very pleased and satisfied with). On every occasion I have been treated courteously, kindly & given lots of support when feeling nervous or anxious. A far cry from my previous experiences with my ‘ex dentist‘. Kathy even kindly held my hand in one of my more ‘wimpy’ moments, without making me feel embarrassed or silly, with meant a huge amount to me. So a big thank you Kathy, sometimes the smallest things mean so much.

It was without hesitation that when considering having some anti wrinkle treatments & dermal fillers, that I immediately knew that The Perfect Smile, would be the Perfect Place when I learned that they were now offering this service. I appreciated the honest evaluation given to me by Jas, at no time feeling pressured to have more than was needed. Again I was impressed by the professional and respectful approach. And ladies (& gents) Jas made sure I experienced no pain, was gentle, took his time and again did not make me feel silly or embarrassed in my anxious ‘wimpy‘ moments.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Team at Perfect Smile Spa for any treatment anyone may be considering. They offer a truly unique customer focussed service, never ever rude or condescending, just wonderful.

Finally thank you to you all once again, and if reading this as a potential patient, I can assure you you’ll never regret choosing this team

Best wishes in your future work.

Paula Five Star

Dr Jas Sagoo

When I first met Jas I was terrified of dentists and the thought of having an injection sent me shaking with fear. Well, I would like to say a big thank you to Jas for giving me confidence and faith back during the dental treatment I received.

Jas was very nice and understanding about why I was so scared. He spent the time reassuring me and talked me through everything he was going to do. I couldn’t believe it, I never felt a thing. Jas made me feel so relaxed during the whole treatment and I am very grateful to Jas for all his hard work.

Now I have a fantastic smile!

I would like to say thank you to Jas for all his understanding and patience.

I would highly recommend Jas to anyone who is nervous about going to the dentist and certainly to anyone who is interested in any kind of cosmetic work.

Jas gave me back my smile and he could do the same for you!

Vicki Webster Five Star

Never in my wildest Dreams did I envisage writing a thank you letter to a dental Surgeon. From that very first visit the sincerity, patience and friendliness of your wonderful team made the whole experience bearable.

I was amazed that I felt no discomfort throughout my treatment with Jas. From my first meeting with Kathy and Jas convinced me that I would be fine. So with some apprehension I started my treatment for my Perfect Smile and Jas was so gentle and reassuring I honestly did not feel any pain or stress and Suzanne is always on hand to make you smile and relax you.

I am so happy with my new smile and can’t thank everyone enough for all their support and help as there is not one member of the team that does not make you feel special.

I would recommend anyone who feels nervous to pay Jas and the team a visit and like me you will feel and look great as a result.

Barbara Lant Five Star

The Perfect Smile – A recommendation from a satisfied customer.

I have already expressed my thanks to Jas and his team; this is for any customers contemplating having work done on their teeth.

I have written this after a few weeks of testing the new teeth – I won’t be sending them back, as I am completely satisfied with them.

My looks don’t worry me, I have a great advantage – I’m on the inside looking out. It would take a lot more than a new set of teeth to have any great affect on my looks. So why have new teeth? Two reasons, conservation and functionality.

Conservation may be a current “buzzword”, but is also an important part of dental care. Existing teeth need to be strengthened and protected so that they last as long as possible.

The second reason (functionality) means to make eating better. My old teeth were good but getting a bit old and had been modified quite a lot, as well as having been repaired after I had managed to break them. The result was that eating raspberries and figs, for example, was not always pleasant.

For those who have never had this problem, the seeds get under the plate and can be very painful.

After talking to Jas and getting the information on the available options, I went for the full treatment – porcelain crowns and veneers with cobalt chrome dentures. This was not the cheapest option, but I think was the best for me. The dentures clip onto the porcelain crowns, and do not rely on suction or a fixative to stay in place.

As always, the work was carried out to the highest standard by Jas and his staff – no special mentions as they are all good. When I say a high standard I mean it. For example, the bite test. Here the meeting of the teeth on the right and left sides are compared using a sensor pad and the result is displayed on the computer. The idea is to get all the teeth meeting at the same time to give the best bite. The first bite test with the new dentures gave a result of about 49/51, which is very good – but not good enough for Jas. He wanted 50/50 and that is what I have.

It is not just Jas and his team that have produced such a good result. They have to rely on the laboratory making the component parts – the veneers, the crowns and the dentures. Then the lab has to rely on Jas and his staff providing the correct information and measurements for the required moulds and fittings. The lab also has to supply an ‘artistic’ element in making the teeth look as natural as possible. Jas works with a lab that provides high quality products – both technically and artistically.

For anyone contemplating new teeth, including for cosmetic reasons – if you can afford it, get them.

I am more than satisfied; I can now eat figs without any problems. I think that I look even better – that reminds me, I must make an appointment for the optician!

Michael Five Star

I would like to say the Biggest Thank You to Dr Jas Sagoo for helping me achieve the look, with regards to my teeth, that I had been wanting for a while.

I was getting married in October 2011 and decided earlier in that year that I wanted to change my Crown as I was not happy with it, and had had it for about 15 years. After attending the consultation and then been advised what treatment I could have I decided to replace the Crown and also have the teeth whitening.

I must admit the teeth whitening surpass any expectations and looked absolutely amazing once finished. During the treatment I ended up also having a veneer on my other front tooth as due to the bleaching and my teeth taking so well, the other front tooth (having previously lost some enamel) did not look right in comparison, so even though I ended up spending more than originally anticipated, I can honestly say that the outcome was more than I had hoped for.

I would recommend Dr Sagoo to anyone that is thinking of having dental cosmetic work. As with all cosmetic surgery and dental treatment, I did have reservations about having the treatment done so close to my wedding and also if I wasn't happy with the outcome (which would have been the same anywhere I went), but he ensured that the teeth were all completed and were looking fantastic the week before, which was a complete relief to me (and my Husband to be!).

I can honestly say that looking at my wedding photos and how my teeth look now, I made 100% the right decision, and if you are reading this testimony with the thought of booking in to have your teeth done, I would say that you would regret not doing it, as it certainly has changed my confidence and also how I feel, not to mention having stunning wedding photos to look back on in years to come.

Charlene Wakerell Five Star

This is a big thank you to Jas, Kathy and the team who made me feel so relaxed as I was so nervous of dentists, that is until I went to perfect smiles spa.

The treatment was painless from start to finish, and I am so pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend them to everyone who is nervous of dentists and would like a winning smile.

They all make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in the door. My whole family are proud of what I had done and it’s all thanks to Jas and his great team of workers, thank you so much all of you.


Christine Five Star

From my very first visit the entire staff has been courteous, friendly and above all professional at every single stage of my treatment from the initial consultation, hygienist visits, technician consultations through to the final visit. I totally trusted their judgement and the advise that I was given.

Of course the most important element is the treatment itself and in that respect Jas is a complete perfectionist and takes great personal pride in the finished product.

My only regret is that I didn’t visit you many years ago as I am now the proud owner of a perfect smile which is most importantly, totally natural and unique to myself.

Thanks to you all Five Star

Dear Jas

Just a word of thanks in appreciation for you and your teams’ excellent care and attention.

After five years with an ‘ordinary ‘dentist and feeling my teeth’s sadness at their apparent neglect.

My daughter recommended I try ‘Perfect Smile’. WOW! What a complete difference and what a great experience!

From Kathy’s first welcoming smile, then your consultation, followed by the hygienist and all the way through the treatment, with yourself and Suzanne working together for relaxed, pain free perfect dental care. Many many thanks! My teeth and I are happy again!

Hope you’re all ok

Rita Battersby Five Star

Dear Jas

Thank you for your kind understanding in meeting our needs. Thank you for giving us a prompt and efficient service in the short time given. This is highly appreciated.

Thank you to the hygienist for the thorough clean up! And thanks to Suzanne and Kathy for their warm and friendly gesture and for keeping us comfortably warm!

‘Thank you for “bridging us”’

God Bless

Rose Parker Five Star

Dear Jas

I wish to thank you and your team at Perfect Smile Spa, very much for the advice, care and attention to detail given to me on the replacement of three missing upper teeth with cosmetic bridge work.

Thank you also for extra time given on making sure I was happy with the dental work created for me, regarding colour, comfort, fit and appearance, plus the suggestion of whitening the lower teeth, to give the perfect finish.

Having been a dental patient here for over thirty years, receiving the best care and treatment and with the introduction of cosmetic dentistry, it’s an added bonus, giving the opportunity to have perfect teeth and smile. This not only makes one look younger, but feel more confident, also it’s the smile that people focus on.

Patricia Pruce Five Star

Dear Jas,

I am writing to thank you so much for transforming my smile.

Originally my front teeth had been crowned but unfortunately not much care had been taken to match the size of the crowns to the size of my face, consequently they were much too large making me feel very self conscious.

After much deliberation I decided to contact Perfect Smile Spa for help. I cannot speak highly enough of my treatment and was made to feel that it mattered that my new crowns were a perfect match for my small face. Every care was taken so that I would be happy with the outcome, which of course I was. Truthfully I did not relish the thought of spending a long time “in the chair” but as I was made to feel so comfortable, time passed quite happily and without pain.

All the staff are so supportive making visits very pleasant. Thanks to Perfect Smile I have regained my confidence to smile again.

Katherine Five Star

Hello to all

I am so pleased with my new smile.

I had been thinking about having my teeth fixed for a number of years. My front 4 upper teeth were crooked. While I didn’t try to hide them when I had my picture taken, I was always disappointed when I got the pictures processed. As nice a photograph as it might have been, all I could see was my awful teeth.

After much internet research on the subject, I came across the Perfect Smile Spa’s website and I contacted them immediately as they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Kathy and Nikki in reception were so helpful with fitting my appointments in around my job, and Jas and Suzanne made me feel very comfortable and well looked after whenever I was in the chair. There is always a relaxed and happy atmosphere in the surgery, which for a dentist is quite rare.

In a matter of weeks my teeth were whiter, and straighter, but more importantly, natural looking. People who do not know that I have had my teeth done say to me that I look well, and ask what’s different about me; one even commented that I was ‘glowing’. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who doesn’t like their teeth, it has done me the world of good and my confidence has gone through the roof.

I am so pleased with the results and so glad I choose the Perfect Smile Spa. It is certainly the best decision I ever made, and well worth every penny.

Lisa Hancock Five Star

Dear Jas,

Just a short letter to say how very satisfied I have been with my treatment and end results.

My thanks to you and your excellent staff i.e. Cathy and Suzanne.

I can safely recommend you to any of my friends.

Thank you once again.

Martin Harvey Five Star

Dear Jas, Kathy, Suzanne, Nikki and Jyoti,

I hope you’re all very well and happy.

I’m sorry this letter is long over due – I’ve been back to South Africa again. I still wanted to write thank you all for being so wonderful to me.

I was never a terribly nervous patient, but didn’t exactly relish going to the dentist either. Jas, you are the kindest, gentlest dentist EVER and your wonderful team really made me feel like I was having a special day out with my girlfriends rather than simply getting a grim chore out of the way. You kept saying: “We don’t believe in pain in this practice”! And it was true; the whole experience was utterly relaxing. With you, I didn’t just feel I was being cared for, I felt like a queen!

The results were wonderful too – I am very happy with my smile, you’ve made it truly beautiful!

I can’t wait to come back for my check-up and have a catch-up tea with the girls!

Victoria Whisson Five Star



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