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Have you ever wondered how celebrities have perfectly straight teeth? Some may have invested in veneers, but others are likely to have had some help straightening their natural teeth using a discreet straightening programme like Smilelign. Now you can have perfectly straight teeth too!

Perfect Smile Spa is proud to offer this innovative teeth straightening system at our popular dental practice in Essex. Using sophisticated diagnostics and technology, we can design a straightening programme for you that quickly correct issues like crooked teeth, rotated teeth and minor gaps between the teeth. It is never too late to have the straight smile you have always dreamed of, especially with discreet and nearly invisible straightening systems like Smilelign.

Why Choose Smilelign?

Smilelign is a modern and innovative system which uses clear aligners that are nearly invisible. The exceptionally high quality material the aligners are made from is unique to the Smilelign programme and you may have used a similar looking and feeling product if you have had your teeth whitened using trays. They work by gently moving the teeth into place, being worn for at least 20 hours a day for two weeks at a time, at which point we give you a new set to move on to the next stage of straightening.

Teenagers who may be self-conscious about traditional braces and adults looking for a discreet straightening option can benefit from the advanced capabilities of the Smilelign treatment on offer at our professional Essex clinic.

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Before and After Image of Smilelign 01 Click Image To Enhance
Before and After Image of Smilelign 01 Click Image To Enhance
Before and After Image of Smilelign 01 Click Image To Enhance
Before and After Image of Smilelign 01 Click Image To Enhance

What To Expect From The Smilelign Process At Perfect Smile Spa

Your Smilelign treatment will begin with a free consultation with us and we look forward to meeting you during this first appointment. During this time we can help you to become familiar with the way Smilelign works, and we will perform diagnostics and checks just to be sure this is the right option for the results you want. In some instances Smilelign may be used alongside other treatments, or it may be suggested after other treatments. It all depends on your specific needs and we always treat our patients as individuals to ensure you get the right treatment options you deserve.

Following your consultation and a treatment plan agreement, we will then book you in to start the Smilelign process. The whole treatment may take 12 months, or as little as six months depending on your case and your dentist will be able to give you an estimation of the time it will take during your consultation with us. Throughout your treatment you can expect to come in every few weeks to get new aligners and to check the treatment is working as planned.

The Primary Benefits Of Smilelign

There are many benefits to an innovative and modern system like Smilelign with key ones as follows:

  • Smilelign aligners are nearly invisible - people may have no idea you are wearing them, so they won't make any difference to your work or personal life. When the treatment is finished, you can be sure people will then wonder how your teeth became so straight!
  • Smilelign aligners are removable - you can take your aligners out for optimum convenience. Whether it is to eat with comfort, or to properly clean your teeth, you have total freedom with removing your aligners to make life as easy as possible outside of the 20-22 hours a day the system needs to be in place to complete its work.
  • No wires or brackets - unlike traditional braces, Smilelign does not use any wires or brackets. Not only does this mean you will feel more comfortable and less sore, but it means less time at the dentist for adjustments and more discreet wearing too!
  • The system is quick - although the system can take a year to work, in some instances it can be much quicker. Overall, compared to traditional braces it is very quick at making a noticeable change to the position of your teeth.

Pain Free Treatment At Perfect Smile Spa

Our Essex clinic prides itself on offering totally pain free treatment but treatment for Smilelign doesn't usually require any local anaesthetic. However some patients who are particularly nervous may wish to have oral or IV sedation in related appointments alongside painless local anaesthetic injections. This may be in appointments where we may remove teeth to allow the front teeth room to straighten out, or where we perform supportive restoration or cosmetic work as part of a more complete smile makeover you are having. In all instances, we have a wealth of experience and pain reduction options to ensure your visits to us are as comfortable as possible.

Is Smilelign The Best Option For You?

In some instances Smilelign may not be the best teeth straightening option for you and you may require more substantial teeth straightening using alternative orthodontic appliances. As Smilelign is generally designed for milder corrections it may be that there are more effective restoration options available for you. It may also be that the results you want can be achieved more quickly with a different treatment. You may want a complete smile transformation with better tooth colouring, shape and alignment and in this instance something like veneers, rather than straightening might be the best option for you.

We can only suggest the best choices for you when you come in to see us, which is why your free consultation is so important. During that time we can get to know your needs and expectations, check your suitability for treatment and give you detailed treatment plan options along with transparent pricing. Giving you everything you need to make an informed decision about your dental work is our absolute priority. There will never be any hidden treatment costs with us, only complete dedication to your smile health and satisfaction.

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Our Smilelign clear brace system starts at £1595 but we will provide a complete treatment plan cost based on your unique needs when you visit us for a free consultation.

Are You Ready For Discreet And Effective Teeth Straightening At Our Essex Clinic?

If you want straight teeth quickly using a modern system that is designed to be as discreet and comfortable as possible, Smilelign could be the perfect choice for you. With advanced treatment planning technology, high quality nearly invisible aligners and exceptional results, you could have a beautiful straight smile in less than 6 months. Even better, many patients report having much more confidence following this popular treatment!

Please call our friendly Essex team today on 01708 442 114 and we will book your free consultation with us at a time convenient to you. Using high quality materials made to be almost completely invisible, and a system designed to provide incredible results, is now the right time for you to treat yourself to the straight smile you've always dreamed of?

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