Six Month Smiles Treatment in Essex

Millions of people are unhappy with their teeth. Crooked, spaced out or even misshapen teeth can make you feel self conscious or even embarrassed of your smile.

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Six Month Smiles at Perfect Smile Spa in Essex are the revolutionary way of straightening your teeth. 6 Month Smiles is a combination of all the advantages clear braces can give you. A comfortable clear fixed brace is fitted to your teeth and gives you a healthy and beautiful smile within 6 months.

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Forget the ugly metal fixed braces, 6 Months Smile Essex uses Lucid-Lok clear brackets and tooth coloured wires making them barely visible and the patient tray kits ensures that appointments are fast and comfortable. The short overall treatment times increase comfort for the patient, safety and hygiene too!

Best of all Six Month Smile Essex are typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligners and veneers. 6 Months Smile costs can be spread out monthly! A fixed retainer is needed after completion of treatment to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original position.

To find out if Six Month Smiles is suitable for you, you need to arrange a consultation appointment with our Cosmetic Dentist Dr Jas Sagoo who has completed many Brace treatments! After a thorough evaluation and x-rays they should be able to confirm that you are suitable and if not advise on a brace suitable for your needs.

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Six Month Smiles straightens your teeth by using the latest technology and techniques in dentistry. Your teeth are moved using special titanium wires which move your teeth quickly and safely. 6 Month Smile braces are completely tooth coloured and are barely visible. No one will know you are wearing them except you!

Because Six Month Smile braces uses low force to move your teeth the treatment is very comfortable. Unlike regular braces 6 Month Smile Essex emphasises on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Six Month Smiles poses no risk of damage to the roots or any other issues associated with traditional orthodontics. Since only gentle forces are used to move your teeth there are only fewer risks involved than with standard orthodontics. Also its very rare teeth have to be extracted with this system to allow your other teeth to move.

With any teeth straightening procedures you will find a retainer, either fixed or removable, is needed to prevent your teeth from moving back to there original position. The easiest and most convenient retainer to have is a fixed bonded retainer. You can get on with life and simply forget its there!

Six Month Smile braces are suitable for children 15 years and older who have crooked or spaced out teeth. If you are not looking for a major alteration to your bite then Six Month Smiles could be the best solution for you! Most adults are suitable candidates for Six Month Smiles.

6 Month Smile is the ultimate in clear braces. It’s the most effective, safe and affordable solution in straightening your teeth! Best of all it fits perfectly into your lifestyle!

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