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Years ago the only way to straighten your teeth was with the fixed, metal ‘train track’ type braces. Everybody hated wearing them because of how they looked and how long you had to wear them for. Invisible braces are the latest Orthodontic treatment. Not only are they discreet, they work a lot quicker!

There are many types of invisible braces, all to suit individual needs. Some braces can take as little as 6 weeks to straighten your teeth whereas others can take up to 2 years. There are 4 types of invisible braces available at our practice in Essex – Invisalign, Inman Aligner, Smilelign and Six Month Smiles.

All have fantastic proven results that guarantee you a beautiful smile. Invisible braces will only straighten your teeth. They will not change the shape or colour. More cosmetic treatments may be needed but your Orthodontist will advise you on this.

If your concerns are regarding your 4 front teeth, upper or lower, then Inman Aligner would most probably be the brace for you. This brace relies on pressure. Space is created between your teeth which then allows the teeth to move into position. Every few weeks more space is created until eventually your teeth become straight.

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Smilelign invisible braces are needed if more than 4 teeth need to be moved. This brace is a series of trays which move your teeth more slowly into position. On rare occasions some teeth may need to be taken out to create space for the teeth to move. Straightening your teeth with this brace can take up to 2 years but the design of the brace means it fits into your life perfectly. It doesn’t affect your speech and because it’s removable, it’s easily taken out to eat or drink

For teeth that’s more crowded Six Month Smiles could be for you. Although a fixed option this brace really does work miracles. It can take between 3 – 9 months for your teeth to straighten and dental reviews are monthly. This brace is made in America and there are few dentists in the UK and Essex who carry out this treatment.

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Although described as ‘invisible braces’ they are not completely invisible. The Inman Aligner is made of clear plastic but does have some metal parts to the actual brace, although these are not completely visible. Smilelign braces are completely clear.

These plastic trays are not noticed when worn and follow the shape of your own teeth. Six Month Smiles braces are tooth coloured. The brackets are clear but the archwire is white. It is a very discreet brace but is not invisible. The advantages of this brace and the results it gives completely outweigh the disadvantages.

As with any brace you have your oral hygiene is extremely important. Our Essex Orthodontist will explain how to look after your brace, and how and what to use to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. A hygiene appointment may be recommended .

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