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If your front teeth have shifted, or never been quite straight, you may need braces. At Perfect Smile Spa in Essex, we can correct your crowded teeth in a matter of weeks with the Inman Aligner. We assess your teeth and give you all the options to see what's best for you.

The Inman Aligner can produce rapid results which you can see immediately, it can be removed - but should only be removed when advised, and can be cost-effective in comparison to conventional braces. Unlike some other orthodontic treatments, you will only require one aligner, as opposed to having to invest in replacements.

What Is The Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that can correct crooked teeth. It has a nine-year track record by orthodontists and is used by the best orthodontists in the USA. The Inman Aligner applies gentle pressure to the teeth that need to be moved to an ideal position. Once the teeth are corrected, we retain your teeth with a fixed or removable retainer.

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What to Expect from the Inman Aligner

Following a free consultation, impressions are needed in order for the lab to design your custom made Inman Aligner. After impressions have been created, the initial fitting of the aligner takes place. The aligner will need to be worn between 16-20 hours a day with regular dental check-ups taking place between every 2-3 weeks.

As with other orthodontic treatment, after treatment is completed with the Inman Aligner, retention is recommended for life to prevent relapse. Retention can come in the form of a lingually bonded retainer or an Essix retainer.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Inman Aligner treatment can take from 6 – 16 weeks. Normally lower front teeth move a little faster than uppers.

Does It Hurt?

Like any orthodontic appliance there is some discomfort for the first few days until your mouth gets used to it. Your speech may be initially affected but will get better. You may salivate more and find it a little difficult swallowing at first. After the first two weeks teeth may feel loose – this is normal.

How Long Do I Wear It?

Ideally 20 hours a day and no more. Any less the treatment will take longer. It will only work if you wear it every day. Remove it when eating and clean your teeth before replacing it. It is ok to remove it for social occasions.

Advantages of Inman Appliance

  • Alternative to Clear Braces
  • One appliance for all treatment
  • Normally quicker treatment time
  • More cost effective
  • Easy to remove and place

Tooth Wear and Gaps

It is important to note that if the tips of teeth are uneven they may need restoring once straightened. Also if teeth are really crossed over, a small triangular space may appear at the gum margin once teeth are straightened.

Interproximal Contouring – Space Creation

In order for crowded teeth to move we needed to create space. This is done by interdental polishing. This is when fine polishing is done in between teeth to create room for the crooked teeth to move. This is totally safe for your teeth.

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Once teeth are straightened retention it is very important. This could be a fixed wire retainer or a removable retainer. If this is not worn teeth will relapse.

Perfect Smile Spa specialises in orthodontics (braces) and cosmetic dentistry (smile make over). The orthodontist and cosmetic dentist at Perfect Smile Spa will work together to achieve your perfect smile.

Perfect Smile Spa based in Hornchurch Essex is a Leading Cosmetic Dental practice and specialises in PAINLESS dentistry. All of our Dentists are based in Essex.

Contact Perfect Smile Spa, Cosmetic Dentist, London and Essex on 01708 442 114 or email if you have any queries on orthodontics (braces) or cosmetic dentistry.

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Free Dental Consultation

During your free consultation with us, we perform a dental examination to check your current smile and to check for any outstanding medical issues that need resolving before we begin the Inman Aligner treatment. We also discuss all the possible options that are available to you. We can also answer any questions you have during this time and provide you with a treatment and transparent pricing plan.

When you come in for your free consultation, we will provide you with a quotation for the treatment, and then get you booked in for your transformation appointment!

Please call our friendly team on 01708 442 114 and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

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