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What is Fastbraces?

Fastbraces were developed to straighten teeth differently. Fastbraces is the revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics. It is a complete, non-extraction system for most cases, which provides patients with outstanding results.

How does it work?

Traditional braces usually moves the crown of the teeth first followed bt the roots. However, the brackets used with Fastbraces work on a different mechanical principle altogether. The patented system uses an innovative triangular bracket and a specially- shaped square wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth, from the beginning of treatment. This straightens your visible tooth and roots at the same time.

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Faster Treatment Times and Fewer Appointments

At our Essex clinic we have seen completing treatment from 3 months to about a year. Some patients see results in just weeks! Are Fastbraces Painful?

Research has shown that Fastbraces Technology has low mean frictional forces, pain reduction during treatment.

Fastbraces Treatment Overview in Essex

The first step to a great smile is to meet our Cosmetic dentist to determine if you are a candidate for the Fastbraces system. They will do a comprehensive exam of your mouth and smile. Next, impressions and x-rays are taken to help them create a customized treatment plan designed specifically for your smile.

Who is a Good Candidate for Fastbraces in Essex?

  • Pretty much most cases can be straightened with fast braces.
  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  • Do you have crooked teeth?
  • Do you hide your teeth behind your lips or your hand?
  • Do you hate getting your photo taken?
  • Are YOU one of the thousands of people who dislike their smile?

If any of these statement apply to you… Then We Can Help! If you’ve ever considered traditional fixed braces but have been put off by the need to wear them for 2 – 3 years and by the cost.

Perfect Smile Spa in Essex is a well known Premier Dental Practice that now offers the amazing Fastbraces Technology!

To find out if these braces are suitable, you’ll need to have a full consultation with cosmetic dentist . These braces are best suited for people who have teeth that are significantly out of position. If your orthodontic problems are less severe than we can easily suggest another type of brace that will produce extremely good results often just as quickly or even sooner. Our team is extremely experienced in straightening teeth and can recommend the best brace for your use.

Why choose Fastbraces?

Fastbraces technology has been used successfully to treat thousands of patients.

What are the advantages of Fastbraces?

Fast! Treatment times range from 3 months to about a year Fastbraces Technology typically works with just one orthodontic wire from start to finish, whereas old braces usually require a series of wires and tightening procedures.

Fastbraces Technology uses a special square super-elastic nickel-titanium wire which is activated by the special design of the braces. This dynamic wire helps upright the whole tooth using the natural temperature of the mouth in just one stage. Now treatment time can be measured in months instead of years!

Safe Twenty years of history, thousands of consecutively treated patients and university research have shown that Fastbraces are not only safe but offer many additional benefits. Patients oftentimes experience less discomfort and there are no more risks with Fastbraces than those associated with traditional braces. Additionally, the fact that the braces are on for less time means that there is possibly less chance of tooth decay due to improper oral hygiene.

Affordable Fastbraces Technology is very affordable in most cases because treatment typically takes just a few visits at the dentist office. Less visits mean less money spent, less gas used getting to and from the dentist’s practice and less time off school or work.

Pain reduction Advances in technology are rapidly changing the way braces straighten teeth, the length of time it takes, the cost, and the comfort level. Research has shown lower sensitivity from greater pain reduction with the bracket system of Fastbraces Technology.

Different by design The Fastbraces Technology brackets have an elevated slot and a unique elbow design. The shape of the bracket is critical because it literally changes the force-flexibility equation. The square shape of conventional brackets defines the distance between the brackets and that distance determines the flexibility of the wire. The triangular shape of the Fastbraces patented bracket increases the distance between the individual brackets, which increase the flexibility of the wire. Additionally, the brackets help deliver torquing and tipping forces to the root of the tooth from the beginning of treatment. These fundamental differences allow treatment to be completed from 3 months to about a year.

We Offer Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations


Based in Essex, our Leading Cosmetic Dental Practice is highly sought after by people wanting to improve their smile. Our Cosmetic Dentists have a vast amount of experience and knowledge and promise you painless dentistry. Rest assured you will not be disappointed if you have your treatment with Perfect Smile Spa.

Please contact us on 01708 442 114 or email to book a free consultation.

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