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Discreet teeth straightening at Perfect Smile Spa

Are you thinking about getting your teeth straightened? Or perhaps you are you looking into teeth straightening options for your older child? If so, then clear braces in Essex are a great choice because they are much more discreet than traditional versions.

You're never too old to have a gorgeous, straight smile that enhances your confidence, and now you can straighten your teeth with braces that are nearly invisible, so nobody will even know!

An Effective Teeth Straightening System, For The Perfect Smile

We are pleased to offer an effective brace treatment we believe in at Perfect Smile Spa in Essex. It is very discreet and effective at gently moving the teeth into the right position. Because the braces are clear, they can barely be seen so even at work, at school or during social situations, it is unlikely anyone will notice you are wearing them. What is even better is that the system is removable so you can eat and clean your teeth with ease.

Clear braces in Essex provide an innovative approach to teeth straightening which can help you achieve the gorgeous smile you have always wanted, but discreetly!

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Why Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are an incredible option for anybody who wants their teeth straightening quickly and discreetly. Just some of the benefits of invisible braces are:

  • Clear, and can barely be seen by others
  • Bespoke, designed to fit your teeth and your needs
  • Removable, so you can clean your teeth and eat as normal
  • Wire-free, so you don't have to worry about a lack of comfort
  • Effective, providing you with excellent results
  • Convenient, working in a matter of weeks in some cases

The specific benefits to you will become clear during your free consultation with us where we can discuss your requirements and give you an exact idea of the results you can expect using this innovative straightening system.

Are Clear Braces Suitable For You?

The aesthetic and removable features of clear braces in Essex are perfect for adults and older children who are looking for a discreet solution to their orthodontic issues. Each set of clear braces is usually worn for a fortnight at a time, gently moving the teeth in stages until the desired result is achieved. Whilst clear braces can be used for a variety of problems, in some instances we use them alongside more substantial orthodontic treatment, or following more detailed orthodontic work. In some cases, cosmetic treatments like veneers might be more appropriate.

The only way we can assess suitability is with our completely free consultation where we can do an examination of your teeth, discuss your expectations and then let you know which treatments will give you the results you want. It is completely free to attend, so why not come to our professional dental clinic in Essex and find out what all the fuss is about?

A Brace System That Delivers High Quality Results For A Beautifully Straight Smile

Perfect Smile Spa only offers the systems that we know work. We know they deliver exceptional results that leave our patients feeling confident about their new smile, and often surprised at how quickly and effective the system has worked for them.

Smile Align

Smile Align is a high-quality clear brace system designed to provide exceptional teeth straightening results for patients. The clear brace system is discreet, effective and quick, helping patients to get the straight smile they have always wanted, in a matter of weeks in some cases.

How Smile Align Works

Smile Align works using invisible braces that are worn for 2 to 3 weeks at a time for the majority of the day and night (over 20 hours). Every single set of aligners is bespoke to your individual needs and gently moves the teeth into the desired position. In some cases, the treatment can be as quick as 3 months depending on how much the teeth need to move.

Is The Smile Align System Right For You?

Invisible braces are comfortable, discreet and effective and work perfectly for patients who have minor gaps, rotation or other dental issues. If you have more substantial orthodontic needs it may be that we recommend more extensive treatment first and then Smile Align could work for you later down the line. It may be that you require a more extensive treatment at the same time as also using Smile Align. We can let you know your suitability and treatment options at a totally free consultation at our professional clinic in Essex.

Pain-Free Treatment At Perfect Smile Spa

In any treatment where we believe that local anaesthetic is necessary, we will use it to ensure your treatment is pain-free. When it comes to clear braces in Essex, there isn't usually any need for local anaesthetic. However, it may be that you want to take advantage of our Oral and IV sedation services if being in the dental surgery is particularly difficult for you. Perfect Smile Spa is highly experienced in working with nervous patients, so we completely understand your anxiety and have various ways we can help you get the dental treatment you deserve. Please do mention any dental anxiety or nervousness on your call to us so that we can ensure you get the support you need from us.


Our clear brace prices start at £1595, however, a specific quote is available at a completely free consultation with us. There we can assess your suitability for system we offer and let you know if it could work for you. How we determine this depends on a number of factors including your need for outstanding dental work that we may need to complete first. It may also be that another treatment will deliver the results you need in a more effective way. For example, it may be that you want more of a complete smile transformation, in which case veneers could be a good choice for you. In some instances more substantial orthodontic work needs completing either before, or alongside your clear brace treatment.

In all instances, we will provide you with treatment plan options and transparent pricing so you are fully informed before you choose the next step that is right for you. We also have 0% finance options if you would like flexibility with the way you pay for treatment.

We Offer Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

Why Choose Perfect Smile Spa For Clear Braces?

Perfect Smile Spa has extensive experience in helping patients achieve the straight, beautiful smile they have always wanted. Perfect Smile Spa offers:

  • A completely free, no obligation consultation
  • 0% finance options to help you spread the cost of treatment
  • Exceptional aftercare
  • High-quality clear brace treatment in professional surroundings
  • Regular monitoring of the treatment
  • Skilled and professional staff working to provide you with a five star experience with us
  • Further cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and facial aesthetics for a complete smile makeover

We are here to provide you with effective clear braces in Essex, starting with a totally free consultation at our friendly and professional clinic. Please call us on 01708 442 114 and we will be happy to book you an appointment at a time to suit you. Could now be the time for you to get the straight smile you have always wanted?

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