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You may have heard the term “partial dentures” before and wondered what they were, and who might need them. You most certainly know about dentures, those things that perhaps your grandparents had and placed in a jar of water at night. Those are complete dentures and they replace the entire set of missing teeth. Partial dentures replace a select number of missing teeth when some are present and some, instead, are absent. There can be many reasons for partial dentures, and an array of different designs depending on which teeth need to be replaced.

A partial denture is needed in a number of different clinical circumstances. One such case is when a person has lost some of his or her teeth and wants them replaced, but cannot afford a dental bridge or dental implants with crowns. Another case is as a temporary measure, such as when waiting for implants to be placed and then afterwards for the subsequent healing to occur before the dental implant crowns are delivered. A partial denture may also be used in the case of congenitally missing teeth, helping with esthetics, function, or both.

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Partial dentures can be made entirely of acrylic, as is most often the case with those being used as a temporary measure before an implant is placed. These may be esthetic, but are rarely functional and frequently rather brittle and breakable. Partial dentures, alternatively, can be made with a strong metal framework. These are typically used when more teeth are being replaced, and when the partial denture is expected to be a long-term solution for the patient rather than a short term fix with something else expected to be a permanent option for the patient. As far as cost is concerned, the all-acrylic partial dentures are relatively cheap, while the metal framework partial dentures are more expensive due to the cost of the noble metals which need to be cast precisely to the fit of the mouth and teeth involved in supporting it.

It will usually only take two visits for the all-acrylic partial denture. The first visit dedicated to taking molds, matching the tooth shade, and then obtaining a bite registration.

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It typically takes more visits for the metal framework partial denture, if done properly, because the dentist needs to make sure that the metal framework fits properly, and then that the teeth are arranged well in wax, with the correct bite and esthetics, before sending it back to the laboratory for final processing in acrylic and metal. Another difference between the two is that for the metal framework partial denture, the dentist will almost always prepare the teeth slightly to create seats and grooves where the metal framework of the partial denture will fit and be supported by the existing teeth.

Partial dentures are a great solution for a number of circumstances. They can act as temporary treatments while waiting for the delivery or completion of permanent treatment. They can also be permanent solutions in and of themselves if other sorts of options are either not affordable or not medically feasible for a patient.

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