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Bad breath can be an embarrassing topic to think about yourself, let alone speak to a professional about.

If it is something you suffer with, there is no judgement from Perfect Smile Spa so please don't fret about this issue. More often than not, bad breath is caused by an underlying issue that can be treated, leaving you with fresh, healthy breath. No more covering your mouth when you speak, or worrying about dating or meetings where you need to speak to people in close proximity. You don't have to live a life worrying about a problem that is so common, and usually, so easy to treat. Our expert team in Essex have all kinds of skills and diagnostics to figure out what is causing the issue, and plenty of treatments to solve the problem once we know what it is.

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Why You Might Have Bad Breath

Bad breath is also called halitosis and if it is a chronic issue, usually comes from poor dental hygiene and potentially, other health issues. Bad breath can also be exacerbated by certain life habits, food and drink consumption.

Is It Just What You Are Eating?

There have been instances where a patient's bad breath has come solely down to diet. Many people don't realise how long food stays in the body causing odour issues long after it has been consumed. Garlic and onions for example, continue to cause odour for days after consumption. Brushing the teeth and flossing only temporarily disguise the odour, but never get rid of it. If you regularly eat foods that send out odour in the body for days after consumption, this could be a really simple cause of your bad breath.

Could It Be Poor Dental Habits?

If you don't brush properly, floss effectively, or use the right tools for brushing then the food debris left behind after eating and drinking could cause bad breath. This rule also applies to issues with caring for dental appliances like dentures, and eating correctly when you have braces. It may also be harder to care for your teeth if they are wonky, overcrowded or if previous work you have had done needs maintenance.

Is It Your Lifestyle?

Smoking and excessive drinking can cause bad breath either directly because of the stale smoke or alcohol, or indirectly as both habits can cause a host of dental issues.

Is It Gum Disease?

Bad breath that is chronic can be caused by gum disease where tartar on the teeth has built up so much that it is irritating the gums. Untreated gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss, so the sooner it is diagnosed the better your long-term dental prognosis.

Is It Dry Mouth?

Although unlikely, there is a medical condition of dry mouth that can cause bad breath. Usually there is something stopping the production of saliva which is the body's natural way of neutralising the ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth.

Is It Something Else?

Snoring can cause bad breath if you have had your mouth open all night. There are also various medical conditions such as bronchitis, acid reflux and kidney problems that can affect the breath. Certain medications and medical treatments may also contribute to bad breath. We can help advise you on treating the bad breath associated with diagnosed conditions, and we can refer you to your GP if we suspect it is a symptom of an undiagnosed medical issue that needs the attention of your doctor.

Signs You Have Bad Breath

There are lots of signs that you have bad breath, some are more obvious than others:

  • Somebody Has Told You
    If somebody you love and trust has mentioned your breath is often bad, or you have noticed a few too many jokes about your breath amongst colleagues or friends, then perhaps it is time to check out the issue with a professional.
  • A White Coated Tongue
    A white coated tongue can be a sign of bad breath as bacteria and food particles gather on the surface of the tongue.
  • A Bad Taste In Your Mouth
    A bad taste in the mouth can suggest a bad smell coming from your mouth too.
  • Snoring/ Sleep Apnoea
    If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea or you find that your partner is repeatedly telling you that you snore or sleep with your mouth open, the chances are you have bad breath issues because of this problem.
  • Smoking/ Excessive Drinking
    Both smoking and excessive drinking can lead to bad breath so if either of those habits are part of your life, you may suffer from bad breath.
  • Medication/ Medical Issues
    If you have diagnosed medical issues or you are prescribed certain medication you may be more prone to bad breath.
  • Bad Oral Hygiene Habits
    If you have bad oral hygiene habits it may be that you have bad breath as a result.

How Perfect Smile Spa In Essex Can Help Treat Bad Breath

The first step in treating any issue is diagnosing the cause. During a free consultation we can use our skills and diagnostics (like X-rays and scans) to find the cause of your bad breath. We can then provide you with detailed treatment plans including transparent pricing. Some treatments we offer to help combat bad breath include:

  • Hygienist treatments
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Bad tooth extraction
  • Treating infection
  • Mouth guards to help combat snoring
  • Dry mouth treatment suggestions
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Detailed denture fitting
  • Teeth straightening treatments to correct wonky or misaligned teeth

Sometimes we may suggest a combination of treatments to successfully treat your bad breath and its cause.

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Book An Appointment With Our Experienced Essex Team To Combat Your Bad Breath For Good

If you are sick of bad breath causing you embarrassment and affecting your personal or professional life, please let us help. Our professional team has a wealth of skills, experience, treatments and modern tools and equipment to help you get the fresh, healthy smile you deserve.

Please call us on 01708 442 114 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to book you a free consultation. We can then diagnose the issue and give you a transparent cost of treatment along with details of our handy 0% finance options. We also have oral and IV sedation for nervous patients who may require a little help feeling comfortable during treatment.

Leave bad breath behind and book an appointment with Perfect Smile Spa today. You deserve a happy and healthy smile without compromise!

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