Belotero Dermal Filler

Belotero is a unique dermal filler that seamlessly integrates with your skin and adapts to your facial contours, Belotero filler plumps and adds volume to your face. Why not find out for yourself how Belotero softens and smoothes lines and wrinkles. Dr Jas Sagoo Perfect Smile Spa uses Belotero dermal filler in his practice in Hornchurch, Essex. As we age, our skin loses its youthful appearance as the production of hyaluronic acid (HA) diminishes; leaving lines and wrinkles where our skin was once youthful and plump.

When injected, Belotero dermal filler instantly plumps and adds volume to the areas where it has been lost. Even the finest lines can be treated with confidence with Belotero dermal filler.

Belotero has a natural, smooth finish once administered. It works by only smoothing out the lines and wrinkles where Belotero has been added leaving the natural contours of your face untouched. In fact even though friends and family may notice the difference and how healthy and radiant you look, many will be left wondering what exactly you have had done!

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Belotero Dermal Filler - Essex

In clinical studies 97% of patients showed a visible improvement after just one treatment with Belotero.

If you have previously had dermal fillers you will be surprised by the subtlety of the area treated with Belotero. Unlike other fillers, you are unlikely to feel the product, but will certainly be able to see the refreshingly and amazing results.

Belotero Dermal Filler – Essex

Belotero filler can be used for the following areas that may be a problem for you:-

Frown lines

Deep lines and wrinkles in between the eye brows can be softened and often disappear thanks to the introduction of Belotero Soft dermal filler.

Periorbital lines

Most commonly known as ‘Crows Feet’ these are more visible when you laugh or smile. These are also one of the main problem areas for patients; with many anxious to remove these lines completely or even reduce them. Belotero Soft can help reduce these lines.

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Nasolabial folds

Another area which is more prominent due to smiling or laughing, hence being known as ‘laughter lines’. These lines run from the nose to the corner of the mouth. These lines are often quite deep but can be smoothed using a combination of Belotero Intense and Boletero Basic dermal fillers. Although may not be able to erase completely, the use of Belotero will give you an even and subtle result.

Perioral lines

These lines are found around the lip line and are often called ‘smokers lines’, although you don’t have to be a smoker to get them! These lines are hereditary but can be easily removed by using Belotero Soft or Belotero Basic

Vermillion border

This line is the lip border that with age can diminish. More noticeable when you apply your lipstick and find the lines bleed. Really annoying! These border lines can be redefined with Belotero Soft or Belotero Basic.


Belotero dermal fillers can be used to plump the lips and redefine the lip border.

Marionette lines

Another line that runs from the corners of your mouth to the jaw. Easily treatable using Belotero dermal fillers. Depending on how deep these lines are they can be virtually erased with thisproduct.

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