Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is needed when bacteria infect the pulp of the tooth and it becomes inflamed. This is caused by bacteria entering through decay, cracks in the teeth and when fillings start to fail. Even trauma to the teeth can result in Root Canal Treatment being needed. In certain circumstances it can also be done as a preventative treatment. Symptoms include sensitivity to hot and cold, tenderness on biting and sometimes swelling although sometimes there are no symptoms at all.

The canals need to be cleaned and the bacteria removed using special files. A root filling is placed to ensure infection does not return. The tooth is then restored. If the root is not cleaned the infection will become worse and you could end up losing the tooth.

Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed to help calm down the infection before treatment. Antibiotics will not resolve the problem. Only Root Canal Treatment will do this.

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Do I need Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics Treatment?

Infected teeth do not always have any symptoms but an x-ray will diagnose whether it is needed. A specialist called an Endodontist will carry out the treatment for you. Depending on how infected your tooth is, it can take up to 2 visits to complete the treatment. Further treatment will be needed to restore the tooth. The Cosmetic Dentist will do this treatment for you. Root Canal Treatment has an 85-95% success rate. This drops to 50-60% if the tooth is already root treated and needs to be treated again.

If you decide not to treat the tooth you may end up losing it. Infection will worsen beneath the tooth which can lead to bone loss resulting in extraction being the only treatment option.

How long does treatment take?

Depending on which tooth is being treated, treatment can take about 1-2 hours. It is carried out under local anaesthetic and many patients are surprised how comfortable the treatment is. Sometimes a second visit is needed; this depends on the amount of infection present. Anti-inflammatory painkillers are advised for a few days after treatment.

What is needed after Root Canal Treatment?

Once the infection has been removed and a root filling placed, the tooth needs to be protected. If enough tooth structure is present usually an inlay/onlay is placed. If the tooth needs to be built up we place a fibre post. This provides a core for a crown to be placed.

Before and After Image of Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal or endodontic treatment is very successful but some teeth may require further treatment in the future. At Perfect Smile Spa in Essex a specialist performs your root canal treatment so you get the best results. We take referrals from other dentists for endodontic treatment.

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Perfect Smile Spa is a leading cosmetic dentistry clinic situated in Essex, London that has a special interest in root canal treatment.

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