Same Day Teeth Implants In Essex

A Brand New Smile In A Day At Perfect Smile Spa

Within the last decade there have been incredible advances in dental implant technology. Advances so significant that you can now have a completely new smile in just one day! It is now possible for you to come in to our professional clinic at opening time with missing teeth, and, assuming suitability, leave with a beautiful new smile by mid-afternoon!

All-on-4 Implants - Designed To Make Treatment Convenient And Effective

Our same day teeth treatments includes an innovative system called all-on-4 which works using the least amount of implants in a special way; reducing the cost, time and steps involved in the process. This modern technique enables you to come in for same day implants in Essex, leaving with a confident, beautiful smile.

Is now the perfect time for you to get an amazing smile transformation in the most convenient and innovative way?

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How Same Day Implants Benefit You

  • No more bone loss in your jawbone
  • No loose dentures or teeth, so you can eat what you want
  • A completely natural feel
  • Youthful new smile by filling out areas that may have sunken through missing teeth
  • Pain free treatment
  • Boosts confidence
  • Quick treatment
  • No need for denture wear during healing time
  • Often there is no need for a bone graft
  • No need for single implants per tooth

Often individual patients have personal stories of how their implants have benefitted their lives tremendously, and we never tire of hearing about those transformations at our Essex clinic!

How Same Day Implants Work

When you have same day implants to replace a full arch of lost teeth in Essex, you're likely to have the all-on-4 system. This is where you will have two of the implants angled to create additional security and support for a full bridge of replacement teeth. Single implants are also placed towards the front of the mouth and 'work together' to effectively support a bridge system that forms your beautiful new smile. A smile you'll be able to enjoy a matter of hours after coming into us for treatment!

The Key Advantages Of All on 4 Implants

  • Usually only 4 implants needed
  • No dentures required at any point as a bridge can be placed on the same day as treatment
  • Less appointments are needed than with singular implants, reducing treatment cost and timescales
  • We can often avoid bone grafting because of the way the implants are positioned

Is All-On-4 Right For You?

The only way to tell if All-On-4 in Essex is right for you is if you come in for a free consultation with us. There we can perform diagnostics and have a conversation with you to determine suitability and for you to understand the procedure.

Typically patients who are perfect for All-On-4 are suffering from:

  • Many failing teeth because of advanced gum disease
  • Many missing teeth
  • Failing crowns and bridges
  • Sore, loose or uncomfortable dentures
  • Loss of bone in the jaw
  • A lack of confidence because of missing teeth
  • Missing teeth recently due to a dental injury

In some instances we may need to provide treatment for outstanding dental issues before we can set up an appointment for dental implants. In all instances we will ensure that we have done everything we can to make implant success (i.e. the implants bonding with your jawbone) as likely as possible.

A Range Of Same Day Dental Implant Treatments In Essex

In addition to All-on-4 for replacing a complete arch of missing teeth, we also offer a few different styles of same day implants in our Essex clinic. The type of treatment suitable for you depends on your individual needs, which we can determine at a free consultation.

We Offer Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

Our other delayed implant placement treatments include:

Fixed Implant-Supported Porcelain Bridges

Fixed, implant supported porcelain bridges are bespoke to your needs, so can be adapted depending on exactly what you need. Often we have to use 6-8 implants per arch to support partial or full porcelain bridges which means that some patients will not have enough jawbone to accommodate the treatment. However lost bone can be replaced using bone grafting procedures.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures work using up to 6 implants placed in the jaw which then sit above the gum line offering a post to connect the denture/dentures to. This secure post provides an excellent base for keeping dentures in place with no need for denture glue or an adapted diet. If you prefer to keep your dentures but wish they were more stable and comfortable, this type of treatment could be ideal for you!

Your Treatment Journey

Your free consultation is the first step to getting same day implants in Essex. During that consultation, we can discuss the treatment with you, and discuss lifestyle habits such as smoking which may affect your suitability. We may also perform a CT scan to check the quality of your jawbone. This helps to see which treatments you are suitable for and if you need a bone graft first.

Once we have discussed your suitability and expectations, we can offer you the treatment plans we feel are suitable for you, along with details on the expected results, costs and timescales. Once a treatment plan is agreed we can then arrange your appointment. When you next come in, the first thing we will do is ensure you are totally comfortable. We use pain-free local anaesthetic injections which totally numb the area. Particularly nervous patients may wish to take advantage of our IV or oral sedation for further support during treatment.

Once you are comfortable we will place the implants and in the case of all-on-4 treatment, add an immediate dental bridge so that your smile is complete. As you might expect, comprehensive aftercare instructions and follow-up checks are also offered.

The Price Of Same Day Implants In Essex

Prices for implants start at £1100 but we can give you a totally transparent price for complete treatment with us at your free consultation. We also offer 0% finance for an easy and convenient way to pay for this innovative treatment.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Smile In A Day?

Perfect Smile Spa is proud to offer this exceptional treatment. In just one day, you can leave with a complete smile that is designed to last. No more wobbly dentures, sore missing teeth or lack of confidence through a smile you've been hiding for years. There is no better time than the present to enhance your smile and look ten years younger with same day dental implants in Essex!

Are you ready to book your free consultation? If so, please call our helpful team on 01708 442 114 and we will be delighted to book you an appointment at a time to suit you.

Take the first step towards getting a beautiful new smile in just one day at Perfect Smile Spa!

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