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Perfect Smile Spa in Essex is proud to offer patients the most innovative, modern tooth restoration treatments currently available. We actively retrain and build our skills as a team to ensure that our treatments are at the cutting edge of modern dentistry. Multi-tooth replacement forms part of the effective and advanced restoration treatments we offer at our professional clinic.

As well as complete smile restoration where all the teeth missing, and single tooth replacement, we also understand that multi-tooth replacement is just as important in restoring smile health and aesthetics. All our treatments are pain-free, and we have options to suit all budgets and requirements.

Whatever your needs, the time is right for you to restore multiple missing teeth in our friendly and professional Essex clinic!

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The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you are missing several teeth they can be replaced using single implants, or with adjoining implant systems. Using implants that support multiple teeth is an excellent option for keeping the treatment as affordable as possible; however, we understand that patients may prefer single implants for each missing tooth where it is practical to do so.

The importance of replacing your missing teeth is often under-estimated. If you don't replace your teeth you can have problems with:

  • Chewing food
  • Speech
  • Crooked teeth as the surrounding teeth collapse and move
  • Decay and gum disease as a result of teeth becoming crooked
  • Smile aesthetics
  • The jawbone that supported the missing teeth degrading
  • Face shape aesthetics with sinking in areas the teeth were missing
  • Pain in the jawbone as the bite may be affected

Even one missing tooth can cause all kinds of problems and we would never recommend you leave a gap where a tooth once was. With several missing teeth, the problems can be exacerbated and the smile can become uncomfortable, harder to care for and change visually so you feel a lack of confidence as a result.

If you are considering implants, the gums and jawbone must be healthy enough to support them. Bone grafts can help if there is not enough bone, but certain lifestyle factors can influence your suitability for implants and bone grafts. Our Essex clinic offers a free consultation to discuss your suitability for treatment and we can offer you alternatives if necessary. Fortunately, most people are suitable for this revolutionary treatment.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium devices that replace the tooth root, providing a strong anchor for replacement teeth. The treatment is a long-term choice and it can take a few months for the implants to bond to the bone, at which point replacement teeth can be put in place.
Dental implants can be used as individual tooth roots, or certain types of implant can support multiple teeth.

More Options For Multi-Tooth Replacement

With multiple tooth replacement, you have several treatment options to consider. The main options are:

  • Partial cosmetic dentures
  • Implant supported dentures
  • A fixed bridge supported by implants
  • A fixed bridge supported by crowns either side

Partial Cosmetic Dentures:

Partial cosmetic dentures at our Essex clinic are very high quality and we work with some of the leading dental technicians in the UK. Dentures are designed to hold onto the surrounding teeth, snuggly connecting to the teeth and gum they are in contact with. Although this option is better than leaving a missing tooth, it does still leave the jawbone without a tooth root, so the jawbone will still degrade over time.

A Fixed Bridge Supported By Crowns:

A bridge replaces teeth similarly to cosmetic dentures but here the bridge is supported by crowns placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap. The only downsides are the lack of tooth root, and also the need to prepare healthy teeth to accept the crowns.

Implant Supported Bridges And Dentures:

An implant supported bridge or denture is a superior option compared to a bridge or single dentures for multiple missing teeth. We recommend using implants where multiple teeth are missing because:

  • They stop the jawbone degrading through loss of the tooth root
  • They are the most natural and comfortable feeling tooth replacement
  • They offer stability and security for dentures
  • They maintain your facial structure
  • There is no need to prepare surrounding teeth for crowns
  • Adjacent teeth don't move to fill the missing tooth gap
  • You can chew and talk as you did before
  • You can feel confident about a full and beautiful smile
  • You can enjoy teeth that don't need to be held in place using special adhesives
We Offer Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

Implants For Multiple Tooth Replacement In A Day

Did you know that you can get implants for multiple tooth replacement in just one day at our professional Essex clinic?

Perfect Smile Spa offers revolutionary ‘same day smile’ implant treatment that can immediately replace missing teeth. Our skilled specialists have been performing successful same day implant treatments for a while and we are proud to offer this innovative service to our valued customers. You really can have your missing teeth and smile confidence restored in just one day!

How The Procedure Works

If you visit us for implants we will firstly ensure you are entirely comfortable and use a pain-free injection to numb the area of the procedure. Nervous patients may also wish to take advantage of our oral and IV sedation services. Once you feel totally relaxed we will begin work placing the implants. How many we place depends on how many teeth there are missing and where the gaps are. Unless otherwise specified by the patient, we will always use the minimal amount of implants needed to keep the costs down.

The Importance Of A Consultation When It Comes To Dental Implants

With any treatment a consultation is important, but with dental implants, it is a priority. This is because dental implants aren't suitable for everyone and they require advanced diagnostics and discussion to ensure they will work for the patient. If the implants are not likely to work, we will recommend an alternative treatment. Implants are excellent value considering the way they work and the length of time they are likely to stay in place. However, treatment can take several months, is invasive and the cost is higher than other treatments. Our dedication to our patients best interests at Perfect Smile Spa means we will only recommend implants if they are likely to work well for you.


Dental implant costs start at £1100 but we will always provide a transparent treatment plan with costings at your free consultation. We can also suggest suitable alternatives at different price points so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Is It Time You Took Advantage Of Our Innovative Multi-Tooth Replacement Options?

If you want to restore your smile in full in a professional and friendly environment, then now is the time to book your free consultation with us. Whether you're looking for the highest quality cosmetic dentures, or the most modern and advanced tooth replacement technology in dental implants, Perfect Smile Spa can help you!

Please call our team on 01708442114 and we will make an appointment for your free consultation at a time to suit you. Your missing teeth could soon be replaced with a confident, beautiful smile at our convenient clinic in Essex!

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