Full Dental Implants

Dental Implants are placed when teeth are missing and gaps are present. Implants are small titanium rods which are surgically placed into the bone. After 3 months the bone around the Implants has integrated to hold the implants firmly in place. X-rays are taken to check this and then a post and crown is attached.

For patients who have no teeth full mouth dental implants can be placed (usually around 6 implants). A 10 or 12 unit bridge can be placed on these which is a fixed option, or they can be used to secure a full denture in place.

Dental Implants usually take about an hour for placement depending on how many implants is needed. Placement is carried out under sterile conditions which ensure the success of your treatment. The success rate is about 98%.

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Placement is usually a straight forward procedure. We use x-rays and CT Scans to help us position the implants but sometimes there can be complications.

Potential Complications

  • There isn’t always enough bone to place an Implant. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have them, it just means another procedure may be necessary to allow them to be placed. X-rays and CT Scans can tell us exactly how much bone is available.
  • Along your lower jaw runs a nerve which we have to be very careful of. If an implant is placed and the nerve is touched, then temporary or even permanent paralyses of the lip and chin can occur. Again we use x-rays and CT Scans to aid us in locating this.
  • When placing implants on your upper jaw we have to be careful of your sinuses. Using a CT Scan we take measurements to ensure the implants are the correct length to avoid perforating the sinus and causing problems.
  • Potential complications can be brought on by the patient. Providing you follow the post-operative instructions very carefully, take the medication given and keep the area clean as instructed then your treatment should be successful.
  • One major factor can seriously affect the healing of the implants is smoking. It should be avoided altogether to give the treatment the best chance of success especially during the healing period. You risk the implant literally falling out!
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Full mouth dental implants in Essex are placed under a local anaesthetic. Sedation can be given for more nervous patients but is very rarely given. Treatment is painless and is carried out alongside normal everyday treatments. Providing your dentist is well trained and the placement is carried out under sterile conditions then there should be no cause for anything to go wrong.

With a very high success rate, dental implants in Essex are proving the best option for replacing missing teeth!

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