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If you are thinking about having dental implants give us a call and arrange a free consultation. We are based in Hornchurch and provide PAINLESS dental implants solutions to clients from all around Essex and London. You can have a dental implant from £65 per month(t&c apply)

With all the latest technology and vast experience we provide all procedures from ‘Teeth in a day', full mouth replacement and single implants. Sinus lift and bone augmentation procedures are also carried out when needed. So if you have loose teeth or missing teeth or not happy with your dentures, implants could be a life changer for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

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A dental implant is an artificial substitute/replacement for the root portion of your natural tooth and is anchored into a pre-drilled socket in your jaw-bone to support a crown, bridge or secure a denture firmly in place. Implants are made from titanium, a material that is well tolerated by bone and integrates easily with bone tissue. During the placement of a dental implant, the goal is to achieve a close contact between the outer surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue so they can "fuse" together creating a stable support for the new teeth. The time frame to complete a dental implant is usually 3-6 months.

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What is an implant made of?

Many implants are made of titanium ,a metal that is bio-compatible and offers strength and durability as well as a unique property of fusing directly to bone.

Before any implants are placed, it is important for your implant dentist to assess the health of your teeth and gums. If there are any signs of gum disease or decay, these must first be treated. Thereafter, your treatment will be planned following several x-rays and, in some cases, a CT scan to assess that bone quality and check for nearby anatomical structures to avoid before any drilling. The procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthesia; IV sedation is sometimes used if it is a long procedure or the patient is very anxious.

The gum where the implant is to be placed is cut and lifted and a small hole is drilled in the jawbone at the precise location of the intended implant. The titanium implant is tightly fitted into this socket and the gum is stitched back over the implant. If there is insufficient bone material to accommodate the implant, a bone graft may be required, or the dentist may use smaller-sized mini implants if suitable.

Once the implant has been placed, it is left to heal and integrate with the jawbone for between three to six months. The bone tissue will grow and anchor itself into the microscopic rough surface of the implant.

During this 'healing period', patients are given temporary teeth (bridges) or continue to wear dentures. It is important that temporary teeth do not exert any force on the healing implant. After the healing period, the gum is again lifted and a post is attached to the implant with a temporary crown. Four to six weeks later, when the surrounding gum tissue has matured, the final permanent restoration can be fitted to the implant.

Dental Implant Treatment Options costs at Perfect Smile Spa

Single Tooth Implant including Porcelain Crown from £42* per month or £2085
Three Tooth Porcelain Bridge with 2 implants from £104* per month or £5155
Upper or Lower Implant Denture on four implants from £149* per month or £7,400
Full upper or lower Resin bridge on 4 to 6 implants from £242* per month or £12,000
Full upper or lower bridge on 4 to 6 implants from £242* per month or £18,000
Bone augmentation from £650 per site
Sinus lift treatment From £1500

*T&C apply (calculated over 60 months at 7.9% apr)

Can anybody have an implant?

Am I a suitable candidate for dental implants?

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Dental implants can be placed in patients of any age above 18-21(with fully developed jawbones), provided that they have a sufficient quantity and quality of bone tissue available. Most healthy individuals that maintain a good oral hygiene program are suitable candidates for dental implants. Circumstances where implants may not be suitable, or situations that have an increased risk of implant failure, include:

Heavy smoking - this slows down and hinders the healing process.

Excessive alcohol intake - disrupts healing of the gums.

Periodontal gum disease - all active gum disease must be treated prior to any implant procedure to ensure the long-term success of any treatment. Periodontal disease is a major cause of bone loss, which would hinder the success of any implant procedure.

Immuno-compromised individuals (steroids, auto-immune disease, patients undergoing radiation treatment).

Teeth grinders (bruxism) - a night-time splint can be given to treat this.

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Do implants hurt?

No, the general procedure for placing implants is carried out under local anesthetic (the same as when having a filling or extraction) Some people may choose to also be sedated during treatment. Discomfort is expected after the procedure for the next few days after the treatment is carried out.

Teeth in a day

It is possible depending on your bone structure to have immediate implants at same time as extraction. And you can have temporary teeth straightaway. Otherwise implants usually need 3-6 months healing so treatment can take upto 9 months but you will always have temporary teeth.

How will I know if I have enough bone for implants?

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Using a combination of dental X-rays and a CT scan, your bone density and volume can be assessed, and information about nearby anatomical structures to avoid (such as nerves) can also be gathered.

Sinus Lift - if you need to replace missing teeth at the back of the upper jaw, a sinus lift, where the sinus is lifted, can increase the height of the bone available for the placement of implants in this area. This usually takes 6 months to heal. Bone grafting may also be required.

Bone grafting - this is where a piece of bone is taken from somewhere else or artificial bone secured over an area that is deficient in bone; over time, the newly placed bone will fuse with the underlying bone creating a better environment for an implant to be placed. This usually takes 6 months to heal.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants have been used for over 30 years to replace missing teeth and they can last a lifetime depending on how well you look after them. Like any other restoration, your implant-supported teeth can still be damaged by trauma and affected by gum disease and poor oral hygiene.

Dental Implants Services

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We can provide different types of services depending on your needs. The below links have information on each dental implant service:

Why Choose Us For Your Dental Implants?

  • Our dentists and team in Essex have advanced training in dental implant skills. We use implant techniques recognised for their innovation and reliability.
  • Our cosmetic dentist has numerous esthetic dentistry awards.
  • The most advanced equipment is used
  • Sedation is available for your optimum comfort
  • Painless treatments

Perfect Smile Spa based in Hornchurch Essex is a Leading Cosmetic Dental practice and specialises in PAINLESS dentistry. All of our implant dentists are based in Essex. Call us for a free consultation on 01708 442 114 or email care@perfectsmilespa.co.uk

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