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Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? If you are, you are likely to have considered cosmetic dentistry, or maybe even a complete smile makeover? Perfect Smile Spa offers an extensive range of cosmetic treatments in Essex that can be combined, or completed alone to give you the smile you've always dreamed of. 

The Smile Makeover treatment is loved by many celebrities that have visited Perfect Smile Spa and is guaranteed to have you smiling of joy once you leave our dental clinic in Essex, with new-found confidence and pride in your new smile.

Do you need a total dental transformation? Or perhaps some important tweaks that would make the world of difference to your confidence? Our smile makeover services in Essex are guaranteed to leave you smiling to not only show off your stunning new teeth, but because of restored confidence and a sense of pride in your brand new smile.

Smile makeovers can be used to boost the shade, size and position of your teeth. We can even replace missing teeth; it all depends on your needs and wishes! Typically after a free consultation and five appointments, you’ll have a transformed smile that will give you a sense of price and restored confidence that you may never have had before.

With such a wide range of professional, transformative treatments and skilled, professional staff who are passionate about what they do, Perfect Smile Spa should be your first choice when it comes to smile makeovers. We can provide you with a transparent and bespoke treatment plan, including accurate timescales and costs.

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A Combination of Dental Treatments

Smile makeovers are usually a combination of treatments used to totally transform the smile. The combination of treatments help with:

  • A large loss of teeth
  • A smile with multiple issues like staining and cracked teeth
  • Smiles that have degraded through illness or lifestyle habits
  • Smiles with lots of minor issues that require a multifaceted approach to treatment
  • Transforming the smile before a big occasion like a wedding

Often patients will come to us having lost a lot of confidence over the years because of the way they feel about their smile. Through dental phobia, injury or lifestyle teeth can degrade and a person may spend years covering their smile out of embarrassment and potentially avoiding opportunities in their personal and professional life. We are not here to judge, and we can help you! 

They say the smile expresses your youth and your beauty, and when you come to us for a smile makeover we will use our expertise to rejuvenate and restore your teeth to a smile better than the one you lost. We will transform it to be the smile of your dreams using multiple professional treatments. These treatments range from:


We want you to know we are not here to judge, and we can help you! They say the smile expresses your youth and your beauty, and when you come to us for a smile makeover we will use our expertise to rejuvenate and restore your teeth to a smile better than the one you lost. We will transform it to be the smile of your dreams using multiple professional treatments like the following:

Cosmetic Orthodontics

Cosmetic orthodontics is teeth straightening for the purposes of improving the aesthetics of the smile. A patient might want their teeth straightening because they are misaligned or 'wonky', gappy, sticking out or into the mouth or overcrowded. We may recommend a traditional brace if you have combined medical and cosmetic dental needs as it can correct both medical issues and the look of the teeth. However if your dental needs are purely cosmetic, we can recommend innovative new teeth straightening treatments that are incredibly discreet and extremely quick at straightening the teeth compared to traditional braces.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be an essential part of a smile makeover in Essex if there are missing teeth. They could be considered the most cutting edge dental treatment available in modern dentistry and we are proud to offer them to our patients here at Perfect Smile Spa. They work by replacing the tooth root and providing a solid anchor for high quality dental crowns. The process is suitable for most people, but it can take a few months to complete because the implant needs to bond with the jawbone. However, the implants can last for life and are the most natural looking and feeling tooth replacement available today. Implants can replace single teeth or entire arches of teeth depending on your needs.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are the most common treatment for providing patients with that 'Hollywood smile'. The treatment involves placing very thin sheets of composite or porcelain onto prepared teeth, changing the shape, size and shade of the teeth. They are the most common treatment we use in our smile makeovers in Essex because they completely transform the look of teeth. They can help to correct a multitude of issues like gappy teeth, cracked teeth, stained teeth and in cases where there is a combination of all those issues and more. Dental veneers are truly transformative, and they could be a fantastic option as your key smile makeover treatment.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an excellent option for those who want cosmetic dental issues like cracked teeth or gappy teeth to look better, but they want a quicker and cheaper alternative to something more durable and long-lasting like veneers. Cosmetic bonding works using a dental resin that is skillfully shaped by the dentist, and then hardened using a special lamp. It can be a good option for more short-term results in the case of an upcoming special event where your smile really matters.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can often form part of smile makeovers at our Essex clinic because it is a quick way to rejuvenate the teeth and make them look more youthful. At Perfect Smile Spa we use two different types of whitening; 'at home' and 'in-house'. Both are incredibly effective at whitening the teeth and patients are often surprised at the difference in the look of their teeth following this rapid brightening treatment.

Cosmetic Dentures

We are lucky enough to work with denture technicians who have appeared on shows like Extreme Makeover. Our cosmetic dentures look completely natural and although they take some time to create, the quality you get from the carefully crafted dentures made with the highest quality materials is well worth the wait! In the case of missing teeth, we may recommend cosmetic dentures as part of your smile makeover in Essex.

Gum Lifts

A gummy smile is quite a common concern we hear patients speak about at our Essex clinic. It is where the gums form a large part of the smile and show when a person laughs or smiles. We offer gum lifts or reshaping to change the gum levels and the height of the gum relative to the teeth which can completely transform a smile.

Facial Aesthetics

As well as direct treatment involving your teeth, you may also wish to have facial aesthetic treatments to complement your smile makeover. The face can fall victim to time with visible lines and wrinkles, including smoker's lines which can age the smile. Facial aesthetics, using high quality injectables and skilled facial aesthetic techniques, can be an excellent pairing with smile makeovers, rejuvenating the entire face for an all-encompassing visual transformation.

We Offer Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

Painless Dental Treatments

Perfect Smile Spa is proud to offer completely painless dental treatments to our customers. The anaesthetic injections we use ensure that you will feel totally comfortable during your treatment.

If you are a nervous patient or you feel like you need a little extra support with comfort during your treatment, we also offer IV or oral sedation. It isn't suitable for everyone though, so please speak to us about it at your consultation so that we can let you know if it can be part of your smile makeover treatment plan.

How Smile Makeovers Work

Following a completely free consultation to discuss your smile makeover in Essex, your complete transformation is likely to take around five appointments. It is individual to the person and depends on the treatments needed, but we can give you a really clear idea of timescales at the end of your consultation with us.

During that consultation, we can find out more about which treatments are suitable for you based on what makes you most self-conscious about your smile, and provide you with a treatment plan with transparent costs and timescales. As each smile makeover plan is bespoke, we can only give you an accurate estimate after we have created a treatment plan for you.

If you want to feel confident about your smile again, and you want a rejuvenated smile you're proud of, please call our dedicated team on 01708 442 114 to book a free consultation. The team at Perfect Smile Spa is excited to help you get the smile you always dreamed of with our exceptional smile makeover service!

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