No Preparation Veneers

At Perfect Smile Spa Dr Jas Sagoo believes in minimally invasive dentistry. It is easy to have the smile you always dreamed about. No preparation Veneers are the latest cosmetic treatment which promises a perfect smile without the need for local anaesthetic and the removal of tooth structure.

No preparation veneers should be considered if you:

  • Have spaces between your teeth
  • Want to brighten or whiten your teeth
  • Want to make small teeth bigger or lengthen teeth
  • Want a fuller smile
  • Don't want braces

No preparation Veneers is a more conservative cosmetic treatment which means you don’t have to be numbed up! Although all our injections at Perfect Smile Spa are painless it means you won’t have the numb feeling long after you leave the practice.

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During Veneer preparation minimal tooth structure (enamel) is adjusted which in very rare cases can lead to temporary sensitivity. No preparation veneers means no tooth structure is removed reducing the risk of sensitivity making this treatment comfortable and even enjoyable! Also, because the enamel is not adjusted the bond between your existing teeth to the new veneers is incredibly strong due to the bonding materials and technique we use during the fitting.

No preparation veneers are the perfect solution for nervous patients considering cosmetic dentistry. Injections and drilling are the usual fears our nervous patients have so this quick and simple procedure is the perfect solution.

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The same principles are used for these Veneers as we use in minimal preparation Veneers and Crowns. We provide you with realistic temporary veneers for 2 weeks to ensure you are completely happy with your smile before your porcelain veneers are made. We encourage you to share your opinions and choose a shade for your new smile with our lab technician. During preparation we record your bite registration which will ensure the success of your new smile and make it long lasting. Upon fitting of your new veneers we check your bite to make sure you are biting correctly and no unnecessary pressure is put on the veneers which can lead to them fracturing.

Your new smile takes 5 appointments to complete:

  • Planning - we plan your smile together and take impressions so we can simulate how your teeth will look. We then use this simulation, called a wax up, to create your temporary veneers.
  • Preparation Appointment – more impressions and photographs are taken to allow the lab to make your veneers. Your temporary veneers are fitted.
  • Temporary Review –we ask your opinion on your temporaries and check you bite. More impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory.
  • Fitting Appointment – your new veneers are fitted and your bite checked.
  • Final Review – this appointment is to double check your bite and ensure you are completely happy with your new smile!

No Prep Veneers

No Prep Veneers are another conservative cosmetic treatment option. They are extremely thin but once bonded on are extremely strong. Rather than changing the shade of your teeth, the desired shade is added to the veneers. Just like no preparation Veneers no drilling is required and no anaesthetic is needed. No prep Veneers are ideal for people who have had their orthodontic treatment completed but want to enhance the colour. They are also ideal for people wanting correct the shape or tooth form problems.

Perfect Smile Spa Lumineers

Dr Jas Sagoo with his award winning ceramist have created their own version of Lumineers, a simple and painless treatment, correct a wide range of problems. If you have worn, chipped, crooked, stained, discoloured or even misshapen teeth then Lumineers could be the option for you. Lumineers require no preparation therefore preserving your natural tooth structure. No dentine is exposed reducing the risk of sensitivity.

Rest assured whatever option you decide, Dr Jas Sagoo will create a beautiful individual smile for you. Having carried out over 40000 cosmetic procedures we can give you the Perfect Smile!

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