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Perfect Smile Spa offer beautiful custom made dentures that are removable for cleaning and maintenance. These dentures are high quality, look great and are more comfortable than ever before. Alone, these dentures are a great choice for tooth replacement. However, our implant retained dentures provide an even more complete dental restoration that creates the most natural feeling bite currently available within modern dentistry.

With our implant retained dentures in Essex, you can say goodbye to messy denture glue, loose dentures, sore gums and denture related embarrassment.

Dental implants from Perfect Smile Spa keep beautiful dentures exactly in place so you'll have as close as a replacement to your old teeth as is possible with modern restoration solutions. Whilst the bespoke dentures are providing you with teeth that look and feel almost completely like natural teeth above the gum line, the titanium implants are acting as the root underneath the gums, providing a strong and sturdy anchor that fuses with your jawbone and becomes part of you.

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With your securely fitted dentures, you can feel comfortable to talk, eat and laugh without having to worry about your smile doing something it shouldn't! Implant retained dentures will not only restore the physical function of your smile, but they can help to restore your confidence too.

Key Advantages Of Perfect Smile Spa Implant Retained Dentures Include:

  • Completely securing dentures to the gums
  • Removing the majority of the denture base on the roof of your mouth
  • No sore gums or pressure sores
  • Better digestion because of improved chewing function
  • Improved confidence
  • Easier chewing and the ability to eat what you want again
  • A secure bite just like the one you had with your natural smile
  • Better speech and taste ability because the denture base is reduced
  • The most natural feeling smile you can currently get

Often, the benefits extend much further with each patient getting their own bespoke implant retained dentures. Many have had their own experience with badly fitting dentures causing them all sorts of problems; and are often surprised at how much their lives improve with a more secure and professional denture service like the one offered here in Essex.

What Is An Implant Retained Denture?

An implant supported denture is a special type of denture that is supported by implants. Regular dentures fit onto the gums and work above the gum line in their function and appearance. Regular dentures often require denture glue which can often fail, causing embarrassment and a lack of freedom with eating certain food types.

With implant retained dentures the support of the denture is provided by one or more permanent dental implants which act as a replacement for the tooth root. The implants are made from titanium which is made to become a natural part of your body after a few months. During this time, it heals and bonds with the jawbone becoming a permanent part of your facial structure. Once the healing process is complete, permanent dentures can be created to simply click on to a special attachment above the gums.

In some instances those dentures might be removable for daily cleaning and maintenance just like standard dentures. You may also need to sleep without your dentures in. In some instances we can provide a fixed bridge which is where the crowns and bridges we attach to the implants are fixed and cannot be moved. These provide an exceptionally natural tooth replacement option for your lower arch, upper arch or both. Your dentist will speak to you about both options at your free consultation.

The Treatment

At Perfect Smile Spa our professional dental team will ensure you have pain free treatment that is effective and designed to provide you with the best possible results. Both our highly qualified cosmetic dentists and implant dentists are highly experienced in dental implant restoration, paired with high quality cosmetic dentures.

Starting with a detailed assessment, the dentist will do everything possible to ensure you are suitable for treatment. If it happens you are not suitable, we will offer alternatives to you. If you are suitable we will invite you back for another appointment where we can provide you with our bespoke treatment plan, along with transparent pricing and timescales. On your agreement, we will then move forward to booking you in for treatment.

On the day of treatment we will use pain-free local anaesthetic injections along with IV or oral sedation if that is something we discussed in your consultation.

Once you are totally comfortable we will begin treatment, placing the titanium implants into the jawbone and gum. With a detailed aftercare plan and check-ups scheduled, your implants will then heal with your body for around 3 months. You won't be expected to live without teeth for this time though so don't worry, we will provide you with temporary dentures. After healing has taken place we expose the implants and provide a permanent bridge or your cosmetic overdentures to attach (depending on which you have chosen). At this point your beautiful and comfortable new smile will be complete!

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Why Implants And Not Just Dentures?

Cosmetic dentures from our Essex clinic are very attractive, comfortable and are precisely designed to fit comfortably. However, there is one thing our exceptional dentures cannot do and that is guarantee to stay in place during use, and to replace the tooth root.

Over the gum tooth replacements look better than having no tooth, and they certainly help to protect the smile against things like surrounding teeth moving and collapsing into the gap. However below the gum line when a tooth has gone, the jawbone absorbs the root which has consequences. With no tooth root you may suffer from:

  • A change in your appearance because the jawbone will degrade
  • Tooth movement despite a missing tooth restoration because of the lack of tooth root
  • A change in your bite and speech because of the jawbone degrading

With implant retained dentures you can have a complete tooth restoration, preventing your jawbone degrading, and restoring the way your smile looks and feels.

Whilst cosmetic dentures in Essex are a great choice, implant retained dentures at Perfect Smile Spa are a better choice for complete tooth restoration.

The Importance Of Your Consultation For Implant Retained Dentures

Your consultation with us is really important because implants aren't suitable for everyone. For example, we have to look at whether you have enough jawbone to support the implants. In some instances we can provide a bone graft but again we have to check suitability. We also look at your long term suitability for the implants because certain lifestyle choices will affect their chance of healing. Smoking for example, can make your implants a lot less likely to heal. Perfect Smile Spa wants to ensure the money and time you put into this results in a comfortable, beautiful smile designed to last you for many years to come.

Your consultation is a great chance for us to check your suitability for this type of treatment. It is also a great chance for you to ask us any questions that you have, and to get as much information as you need to make an informed decision.

All our treatments are designed to be pain-free but we do also offer IV sedation and oral sedation for patients who need additional support to feel comfortable. We can also discuss this with you during your consultation so that the right arrangements can be made.

Treatment Cost

Implant treatment costs from £1100 at Perfect Smile Spa, but we can provide you with a bespoke cost for treatment following a consultation with us.

Get Secure Dentures That Look And Feel Incredibly Natural!

If you want to speak to us about implant retained dentures, please call our friendly team on 01708 442 114 and we will book you an appointment at a time to suit you. With our exceptional smile restoration services and experienced team, you can say goodbye to movable, sore dentures and hello to a gorgeous smile that looks amazing, and feels almost completely the same as your natural teeth used to!

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