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Gum Disease Treatment And Gum Reshaping In Essex

Perfect Smile Spa is dedicated to all areas of oral care, including the care of an important but often overlooked part of smile health; the gums. As anchors for the teeth, and protectors of the sensitive nerves that sit beneath the gum line, the gums require special care and attention just like the teeth.

At Perfect Smile Spa we offer help with gum care and maintenance, including hygienist services and specialist periodontal services. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss, and we want to ensure our patients don't suffer that fate and instead have the healthiest and happiest gums, supporting a beautiful smile. We also offer cosmetic treatment for gums that patients may feel overwhelm the look of their smile.

Our gum care services are extensive, professional and cutting edge, available in our professional and modern dental surgery in Essex.

Your Gums Are Really Important!

Often people think about their teeth when they think about the health and look of their smile. However, the gums and teeth are closely linked and are of equal importance. Your gums are made of soft tissue that supports and holds your teeth in place and they also protect the roots of your teeth from bacteria. If plaque is not removed from the teeth properly, bacteria and what it omits, can irritate the gums, which is the start of gum disease. If that condition is not treated, it progresses and gets worse, eventually destroying the gums, and the jawbone which holds the teeth.

Evidence also shows that gum disease may contribute to health issues elsewhere in the body. Issues like heart disease and lung infections could be caused by gum disease, along with other contributory factors. Effective gum care is an important part of general oral health and we are pleased to provide modern and efficient gum treatments at our Essex clinic.

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Gum Disease Treatment At Perfect Smile Spa

Gum disease treatment affects 3 out of 4 adults in the UK. It happens when plaque and tartar on the teeth builds up and the associated bacteria produce nasty bi-products that irritate and inflame the gums, causing them to recede, bleed and become sore.

At our modern and professional clinic in Essex we offer a complete gum assessment where our experienced team perform a full check of your gums to understand the kind of treatment and support you need. We can then help to treat the problems, and work to help prevent any further problems in the future.

If the problem is not treated, gum disease may progress to a point where the gums start to detach from your teeth. This forms pockets which can fill with bacteria and become infected. Without treatment, the infection continues to spread, loosening your teeth to the point they begin to fall out. Support from our hygienists and dentists is a really good way to maintain healthy gums. We can help to remove plaque and tartar with effective cleaning techniques and also provide you with up-to-date advice on how to care for your teeth and gums day-to-day to help avoid any further issues. The healthier your gums and teeth are, the lower your cost of dentistry, the longer you will keep your natural teeth and the more beautiful and healthy your smile will be!

Gum Recession Treatment At Perfect Smile Spa

Receding gums occurs when the roots of the teeth are exposed because the gum tissue has degraded. Gum recession can be caused by gum disease where brushing and hygiene habits could have suffered, causing plaque and tarter to build up on the teeth. Bacteria in the plaque and tartar then degrade the gums and underlying bone structure until eventual tooth loss.

Receding gums is a common issue, so you're not alone if you have this problem. As well as gum disease causing gum recession, it can also be caused by all kinds of lifestyle habits as follows:

  • Brushing the teeth too hard
  • Flossing too aggressively
  • Clenching the jaw
  • Grinding the teeth
  • Acid from the stomach coming back up to the mouth, which can happen with certain medical conditions
  • Smoking
  • Trauma to the gum like sticking a fingernail in the gum, which is often more common with children
  • Gum infections
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Issues with the position of the teeth
  • Piercings

Gum recession is usually progressive and in most cases has never just happened suddenly. The symptoms of gum recession could be:

  • A tooth that moves or feels loose
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Longer looking teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • A change in the colour of the tooth
  • A larger than usual gap between teeth
  • Dental decay lower than the gum line

If gum disease is occurring then you may experience bleeding gums, sore gums, inflamed gums or issues with the odour of your breath, as well as any of the above.

Perfect Smile Spa has a wide range of treatments for gum recession including advanced oral hygiene care and cleaning, as well as professional restoration treatments such as composite fillings, gum coloured fillings, gum surgery and ongoing hygienist services. In all instances, we will provide you with a recommended treatment plan unique to your needs and following a free consultation with us.

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Gum Lifts At Perfect Smile Spa

Have you always felt your gums were the main feature of your smile? Do you find yourself wishing that instead of your gums, your teeth were the key focus of your beautiful smile? At our popular dental clinic in Essex we can help you get the smile you deserve by reshaping your gums to reduce the amount seen when you smile.

What is even better is that the treatment is pain-free, extremely quick and most patients cannot believe how much it has transformed their look!

How It Works

The treatment works by changing the height of the gum and correcting the level of the gum so it isn't uneven. Correcting the size and height of the gums can help transform the look of your smile and enhance your confidence. After the whole area has been numbed using local anaesthetic, the treatment is completed by a professionally trained dentist who uses special dental lasers for a precise and accurate result. We also offer oral and IV sedation for nervous patients who require further support during treatment, to ensure a comfortable experience.

The result is a smile with gums that are more in balance with the whole smile, and a dramatically improved overall aesthetic. Patients are often much more confident about their smile following treatment as our testimonials show.


The price of your treatment depends on your individual needs, and understandably we can only give you a specific treatment quotation after your free consultation with us. As a guide, dental hygienist services start at £58 pounds for half an hour and £99 pounds for a full 60 minutes. Gum sculpting starts at £125. We also offer 0% finance on our treatments which can spread the costs of treatment, making payment more manageable. Please do ask us about 0% finance at your consultation.

Leading Gum Treatment And Care At Perfect Smile Spa

Our pain free gum treatment plans are designed to ensure you have healthy gums to complement a healthy set of teeth. Cosmetic treatments like gum reshaping can also help if you are embarrassed by a 'gummy smile', enhancing the smile aesthetics and helping re-build your confidence.

If you are interested in hygienist support for gum disease or gum recession treatment, or you want to speak to us about reshaping your gums, please do call our team for more information. We can be reached on 01708 442 114 to make an appointment at a time to suit you. Our modern, convenient treatments and advice will help you have the healthy and happy smile you deserve!

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