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Perfect Smile Spa has a wealth of experience in providing exceptional cosmetic dentures for our valued patients.

Although modern dentistry has advanced and provided innovative smile restoration options like dental implants, dentures are still an excellent treatment option for patients with missing teeth. In fact, the very latest techniques, materials and skills available for cosmetic dentures mean that our Essex team is able to provide you with dentures that are more secure, comfortable and natural looking than has ever been available before.

What makes Perfect Smile Spa stand out from some other clinics is the fact that we work alongside highly esteemed dental technicians who have appeared on TV shows such as extreme makeover. Coming to us, you can feel assured you're in the best possible hands when it comes to perfecting your smile with cosmetic dentures.

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Replacing Missing Teeth Protects Your Entire Smile

Sometimes it can seem easier to leave missing teeth as they are, but that can cause a wealth of dental problems now and in the future. Aside from the obvious effect on your smile aesthetic, other potential side effects of avoiding replacing missing teeth include:

  • Teeth Going Crooked - All the teeth in the mouth support each other, so any missing teeth will potentially cause other teeth to shift. Over times this can contribute to a crooked smile.
  • Gum Disease And Tooth Decay - If teeth shift and move, brushing all surfaces of the teeth can be difficult leaving plaque to form and increasing your risk of getting gum disease.
  • Loss Of Jawbone - Your jawbone supports the roots of the teeth so as soon as a tooth is missing, the jawbone may shrink and alter how you look.
  • Jaw Pain - When your teeth shift, your bite changes, which can put pressure on the jaw joint causing pain and even headaches and other health issues.
  • A Change In Speech - Your teeth form the way you speak, so you may find you sound different with missing teeth.
  • A Change In How You Eat - You may find that it is harder to eat everything you once enjoyed as the teeth that helped you chew are missing.

Even teeth missing in the back of the mouth can cause problems and are equally important to replace. Cosmetic dentures in Essex are suitable for the replacement of any missing teeth.

Why Cosmetic Dentures?

Standard dentures are great, but why have great when you can have fantastic? When you have cosmetic dentures in Essex you get the ultimate in cosmetic dentures technology and service. Our skilled team work alongside experienced denture technicians who are known for their work on transformation shows on TV. Our dentures can not only give you a comfortable and secure smile, but also a smile that looks incredible and takes years off your looks.

Cosmetic dentures provide you with:

Exceptional Fit

Our fitting process is precise and detailed so that we capture the fine details of your gums, oral muscles and soft tissues so that the dentures aren't just a great fit, but a perfect fit.

Perfect Bite

A bad bite is not only problematic with how your mouth feels, but it can cause dentures to be less secure. Our detailed fitting process ensures your bite is as near perfect as possible, helping to make your dentures are as secure as possible.

Stunning Finish

Cosmetic dentures have the edge when it comes to smile aesthetics and replacing missing teeth with dentures. Standard dentures can look good, but cosmetic dentures in Essex can look exactly like real teeth, or often, much better. The shade, shape, position and overall look of the teeth are customised in detail until you are 100% happy with the result.

Complete Aesthetic Transformation

Cosmetic dentures do not just transform the smile, they also transform the face. Without teeth, a patient can find their lips and face have sunken, ageing them prematurely. With cosmetic dentures, the structure of the face is restored, instantly taking years off your appearance.

A Confidence Boost

Badly fitted dentures or a smile with missing teeth can contribute to lowered confidence and self-esteem. With precisely fitted dentures that are made to look beautiful, patients often find their confidence is boosted.

Cosmetic Denture Solutions To Suit Every Patient

At Perfect Smile Spa we have a wide selection of cosmetic denture options available to suit individual needs and budgets. Our cosmetic denture services in Essex include:

  • Full Dentures - Used when there are no teeth present and usually made with high quality acrylic.
  • Partial Dentures - Used when there are a few teeth missing restoring oral functionality and preventing the movement of the remaining natural teeth. We offer these in chrome or acrylic.
  • Immediate Dentures - Used when a patient needs teeth removing and they don't want to leave the clinic with missing teeth. We place the dentures on the same day the teeth are extracted, and then we modify at future appointments as the gum and soft tissues surrounding the removed teeth heal and change.
  • Implant Retained Dentures - For a completely secure missing teeth solution we recommend implant retained dentures. We use implants to replace the missing tooth root and dentures are then attached securely.
We Offer Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultations

Treatment Details

Our high quality cosmetic dentures are typically constructed over 5 thorough appointments. Following a free consultation, at future appointments we take detailed impressions of the teeth and gums. Your cosmetic dentures are then crafted in a laboratory and the finished product is fitted and adjusted until you are 100% happy with the result.

Cosmetic Denture Alternatives

The two main alternatives to cosmetic dentures are bridges and dental implants.
Dental bridges are artificial teeth that sit in the gap of the missing tooth and are supported by crowns at either side. They can last for years, but they don't replace the missing tooth root like dental implants do. Dental implants are a much more permanent solution to missing teeth and they truly are the cutting edge treatment within tooth restoration. They replace the tooth root using a titanium implant which then bonds with your jawbone preventing bone loss and providing a secure anchor for a high quality replacement tooth above the gum line.

We offer both bridges and dental implants at Perfect Smile Spa and can discuss those options with you at your free consultation with us.


Cosmetic dentures start at £695 and we can offer you a precise and detailed treatment plan along with pricing at your consultation. We also have 0% finance options to make paying for your treatment even easier.

Are You Ready To Restore Your Smile With Premium Cosmetic Dentures?

Perfect Smile Spa is proud to offer cosmetic denture treatment in Essex. In a professional and friendly environment our skilled team can discuss your options with you at your free consultation. All of our treatments are totally pain free too, so there's no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable during any treatments or appointments. Following your free consultation with us, we will provide you with transparent treatment options, including prices and timescales.

Do you feel ready to restore your smile using our high quality cosmetic denture treatment in Essex? If so, we invite you to call our friendly team on 01708 442 114 and we will be delighted to book a free consultation at a time to suit you. We're excited to help you regain your smile confidence with our exceptional cosmetic denture treatment in Essex!

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