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Cosmetic Dentistry, over the years, has come on leaps and bounds. Thanks to continuous improvements and advancements in technology and technique, it is now easier than ever to obtain the smile you always dreamed of. You can enhance your smile having only the minimal of treatment to having a full complete smile design.

Perfect Smile Spa, Essex is a dental practice that recognises how important a smile is to you. Our highly skilled and experienced cosmetic Dentists will include you every step of the way during your treatment and encourage you to share your opinions and desires to ensure your new smile exceeds your expectations.

Our dental practice is located in Essex and is easily accessible from most areas due to its close proximity to the Dartford Tunnel and M25. The clinic is also a short 10 minutes walk from the train station allowing for easy transportation to and from London.

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We use Cosmetic Dentistry at our Dental Practice to correct a wide range of problems. These problems include:

Crooked/Overcrowded Teeth

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Having crooked or misshapen teeth can look unattractive. Overcrowded teeth can be extremely difficult to clean too. The Cosmetic Dentist can straighten these teeth using treatments such as Orthodontics or Porcelain Veneers. At our clinic we offer a range of Orthodontic appliances – Inman Aligners, Clear Aligners and Six Month Smiles, which correct certain problems. These braces rely on gentle pressure to gradually move your teeth and can be straightened in as little as 6 weeks! A smile makeover with porcelain veneers is another option that can correct crooked teeth.


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Having gaps in your mouth can cause more problems than you think. More pressure is put upon the remaining teeth when biting and chewing, and there is nothing stopping the teeth either side of the gap and above from moving. Cosmetic Dentistry treatments such as Dental Bridges and Dental Implants are a fixed solution for replacing gaps. Other options include Cosmetic Dentures. Whichever method you have will ensure you mouth is more aesthetically pleasing and more importantly makes eating and chewing easier.

You may also have a gappy smile in which case Braces can be used to close these gaps or Porcelain Veneers and Crowns can be placed over your existing teeth to hide them.

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Discoloured Teeth

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The most popular way of whitening and brightening discoloured teeth is using Teeth Whitening treatment. A quick and very effective treatment, we have seen teeth whiten as much as 20 shades up. Sometimes teeth are so discoloured Porcelain Veneers or Crowns are needed. This Cosmetic treatment will ensure your teeth will always stay bright (as they never discolour) and will give you the perfect smile.

Uneven Gum Line

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Having a low or uneven gum line can make you feel self conscious when you smile. The Cosmetic Dentist uses a special machine which allows us to reshape the gum making your smile look more even.

Worn or Damaged Teeth

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There are many reasons why teeth can wear. Some reasons include diet problems, bite problems and teeth grinding. These teeth need restoring for health and cosmetic reasons.

Porcelain crowns or veneers are usually used for restoring worn or damaged teeth.

At our clinic we try our best to work around your budget. We have many different Cosmetic Dentistry options available so there is always something we can do to help improve your smile. We know what an impact having a beautiful smile can have on your life.

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