Teeth Implants – Are They Safe For Seniors

The positive and negative aspects of Teeth Implants – Dental Implants – are discussed on health and dental forums throughout the world on a regular basis. Teeth Implants are used within Cosmetic Dentistry to replace missing teeth – In the simplest of terms with regards to the procedure, a Titanium stud is embedded into the Jawbone. Then, after the stud/post has healed and successfully fused with the bone a permanent artificial tooth is then placed over it to create a very natural looking tooth – Which also functions ‘almost’ a good as a real one.

Are Implants Safe?

One of the primary questions (particularly by Seniors) being asked is, are Teeth Implants safe? Again in the simplest of terms there are few if any General or Cosmetic Dentistry procedures which do come entirely without risk: Therefore it is ultimately the patient’s decision as to whether they consider those risks to be fair in comparison to the benefits of Implants. That said, a highly trained and experienced Implant specialist would usually have a high success rate: Even so, there ARE patients who will reject the Implants. In addition, the bone can become infected.

Easier Options

Seniors and also any patients who have undergone radiation treatment will often suffer bone deterioration which makes them far less suitable candidates for Teeth Implants. Bone can be grafted in some instances, although this of course adds to the overall cost of the having permanent Teeth Implants. Because of cost and also healing issues more and more Seniors are looking toward Mini Dental Implants – MDI’s are much less invasive and there are no known side-effects to date. The surgery is quick and patients recover far more quickly – Usually they can be back at the dinner table later that evening!

Lowering Costs

Mini Dental Implants will usually last several years. In comparison to permanent Teeth Implants they are not such a permanent solution: However, they can cost up to a third less. Teeth Implants are being used more and more within Cosmetic Dentistry although it remains somewhat of a specialist procedure: In the same instance Mini Dental Implants is not a routine procedure that will be offered at every Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic – Despite the fact Mini Dental Implants have been used since the seventies!

Talk Is Good

The Perfect Smile Spa is one of the reputable Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics located in the London – Essex region. If you are considering Implants and live in the Essex region they can provide the answers you need. Their in-house Implant Specialist Dr Pabari qualified at Kings College in London and went on to develop his surgical skills at Basildon Hospital – Specialising in Sinus lifts, Tissue Grafts, Bone Augmentation and Dental Implants Dr Pabari is among the most experienced and skilled Implant Specialists based within the Essex region. The results have proven positive for millions of people over the years, around the world and of varying age. Talk with an experienced Implant specialist – They will be able to access which treatment would be most suitable for you.

Perfect Smile Spa is a leading cosmetic dentistry clinic situated in Essex near London and can be contacted on 01708 442 114 or care@perfectsmilepsa.co.uk

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